UCL students furious after car show leaves ExCel exam smelling like burnt rubber

Meet the local team

Man breaks into uni library claiming he has a bomb and fires imaginary gun

He was overheard ranting about Rick and Morty and Obama in a ‘disturbing manner’

Nominations for UCL’s BNOC of the year 2019 are open!!

It stands for BIG NAME ON CAMPUS

UCL are pretending to be Jeremy Bentham on LinkedIn to attract postgrads

We’ve reached peak UCL, folks

UCL closure leaves Human Sciences students with shock race against time for diss hand-in

Students were given just one day’s notice that the department was closing for a week

SUUCL want to make uni free by seizing control of the banks!!!

Not so sure it’s gonna work out though…

So many people fell for the library April Fools joke that UCL have intervened

BUT there are another 150 library spaces!

Can we all stop freaking out about women’s only gym hours please?

All of the UCLove posts about it are making it hard to search for notes from my secret admirer

UCL should cap student numbers – fight me

Maybe then I’d finally find a space in the library