University of London to close UOL clubs and societies

Meet the local team

UCL renames buildings named after eugenicists

Buildings and lecture theatres across campus are no longer named after eugenicists as part of the UCL Eugenics Inquiry

So you’ve screwed your best mate, here is how to stop it screwing with your head

A step by step guide on how to manage the walls of the friend zone crumbling around you

UCL Removes Rent Guarantor Scheme for September 2020 Onwards

UCL have made a decision to remove their scheme to act as a rent guarantor for students from September 2020 onwards.

UCL releases statement supporting BAME staff and students

The statement by UCL was in response to the creation of a letter by UCL students calling on Academic Institutions to recognise the death of George Floyd.

UCL to use a ‘flexible approach’ to learning in Term 1

UCL confirms the campus and libraries will be open from September

The 11 things about Loop that we miss in Lockdown

All I want is a VK

UCL confirms lectures and large group seminars ‘most likely online’ in September

UCL’s goal is to allow students on campus for the start of autumn term

Multiple host universities have cancelled years abroad for UCL students

UCL have informed students that years abroad are being cancelled or are being moved online