Maddie John

Maddie John
London University

Features, student news, UCL, student politics, London news, European politics, and Eastern and Central European history

  • Maddie is a writer for the London Tab, and is currently in the middle of her studies at UCL
  • While she mainly writes features, Maddie also enjoys writing news on student politics and things going on around her campus
  • Aside from her studies and The London Tab, Maddie works as a specialty barista and has a strong interest in the London coffee scene (in a non-insufferable way)


Maddie joined the team in 2023, writing both features and news before being promoted to Features Editor in February 2024. She also writes for her university's largest journalism society, Pi Media, mainly with a focus on European politics.


Maddie is working towards her undergraduate degree at UCL in History (Central and Eastern Europe) and Jewish Studies, at the only department of its kind in the UK. She specialises in modern political history, with particular regard to Eastern European and Jewish history in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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