How to fit in at your uni, in starter pack form: 2020 edition


THAT’S RIGHT. We’re back with a brand new track. You’ve seen starter packs for your uni before, I bet, and probably thought – who the fuck wears striped shirts and culottes in 2020? That’s because we were livin’ way back in 2016 man. Those starter packs are OLD af. Those starter packs are so old they still get in-person teaching. Those starter packs are so old they think corona is a beer. Those starter packs are so old they think Brexit is the worst political decision that will be made in their lifetime. They’re outdated! I said it! But here we are. Living in the current day, returning to our watering holes (universities) in full force – well, not quite a full of a force as we’d like. Thanks, Matt Hancock. But uni is starting again. And for that, we need new starter packs.

This leads me to ask you, how well do you really fit in at your uni? Do you dress like every Tom, Dick and Harry? (Apologies in advance to anyone reading this named Tom, Dick, or Harry. Multiple apologies to literally anyone with the misfortunate of being named ‘Dick’.) Or are you edgy, operating outside of the mould? Honestly, I don’t mind either way I just hope you appreciate the amount of cutting and pasting I did for this shit. Peruse at your own will. Bon voyage.



















None for Oxford sorry.

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