Only Lindsay Lohan’s twin could get full marks on this Parent Trap trivia quiz

But you can still try x

It is a well-known fact that every single woman in the world has seen The Parent Trap and that it is in fact every girl’s favourite childhood film. We all have a grossly intricate memory of it because we’ve been watching it since we were children and despite rewatching it at least four times a year, it never gets old. The Parent Trap ages like a fine wine from Napa Valley and so does our knowledge of it.

But is your memory really as good as you think it is? Can you name Nick Parker’s dog? Or guess Meredith’s age correctly? Do you actually think you can tell the twins apart just based on their outfit? You’re going to have to prove it. So, for those of you out there still obsessed with this absolute classic, here’s the ultimate Parent Trap trivia quiz.

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