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Omg, ASOS is selling Groovy Chick merchandise and I want it ALL


In the most welcome curveball of 2020 so far, ASOS has suddenly decided to start stocking Groovy Chick merchandise?!

The icon of our childhoods has returned and she’s available in two understated (and actually alright priced) tees on ASOS, courtesy of the brand Daisy Street.

The tees are available right now and they’re everything you need to emulate your early 2000s childhood bedroom vibes… but publicly this time.

Even weirder still, if you’re actually interested in more Groovy Chick merch the original brand Bang On The Door (even writing those words takes me back to the days of Lock Diaries and scoobies x) is still selling some! Be warned, it is a bit random though, like a Groovy Chick apron… and… snapback? Which, weirder still, I kinda… want?

Regardless of how random the purchases, I’m grateful that the one and only Groovy Chick has reentered our lives. Maybe she can truly save 2020. (Unlikely unless she comes up with a Covid vaccine but who knows what secret power she weilds?)

The Groovy Chick ASOS tees can be found here and here.

Photos by W on Unsplash and ASOS.

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