Meet the famous TikTokkers studying at your uni

Imagine going on a night out and seeing Flo wearing her jeans

There is no doubt that TikTok has really blown up in the past year. All the trends to come out of the app have really spiced up lockdown for everyone. But when you actually think about it- they’re just normal people just like us.  Some of them even go to your uni which is wild when you think about it. Like actually imagine going on a night out and seeing Flo wearing her jeans, my small un-famous brain cannot handle it.

Thankfully we have already picked out the famous YouTubers, child actors and Royal family members at you uni, but what about our favourite TikTokkers? Meet all the famous faces of the For You Page below:

Flo Simpson – Solent University

Obviously we had to start with Flo. She got massively popular during lockdown and is known for encouraging people to love the skin that they’re in and by trying to fit back into her jeans.  Since then, she’s been working hard and eating healthy to try to lose weight and fit back into her jeans. Her TikTok journey began following a bad breakup she had, she decided she wanted to change for herself, she’s a national treasure in my eyes.

After winning over our hearts, Flo graduated from Solent Uni with a 2:1 in Law and she’s currently planning on doing a Masters too.

Flo has 645.6k followers on TikTok and 61.3k on Instagram.

Aoife – Lincoln University

Aofie’s TikTok content on TikTok isn’t one specific type, she focuses on a lot of things. Sometimes she posts funny videos she takes with her friends, makeup videos or sometimes wholesome body confidence videos. Recently, she blew up on TikTok for posting a video of finding another girl’s makeup brush in her boyfriend’s car. However, she’s since said that she trusts him and believes it’s not something to worry about.

Aofie’s TikTok account is called @mamaaofie and she has 132.7k followers on TikTok and over four million likes. Impressive stuff, Mama.

Max Balegde – Newcastle University

Max’s content is painfully relatable because he’s brutally honest and pessimistic. He often duets videos that have got quite a few views and rinses them, he basically just says what everyone is thinking. He attends Newcastle University and he honestly seems like such a laugh.

Max has 321.3k followers on TikTok and 14.5k on Instagram and has recently started up his own podcast.

Leila – Cambridge University

It’s been said that Leila is the official Cambridge Storytime Queen, she reminisces on her childhood where she classifies her younger self as a ‘demon child’. It’s pretty relatable, when I first heard about it I thought it was like paranormal activity kind of demon but in reality, it’s just being spoilt growing up and demanding new toys. Very Cambridge, if you ask me.

Leila has 34.4k followers and her most viewed videos are the ones where she talks about the different instances where she was a ‘demon’ growing up.

Kira Goode – Bristol University

Kira is another TikTokker who’s been climbing the ranks during lockdown. She’s famous for painting Jenga blocks. However, she’s currently on day seven of painting a Guess Who board game and it’s astonishing. Kira will literally paint anything and people will literally watch Kira paint anything, it’s incredible.

Kira has 169.4k followers on TikTok and almost 3,000 on Instagram too.

Amber Hutton – Chichester University

Amber is going into her second year at Chichester University and has over 200k followers on TikTok and 10.5 million likes. Her content is mixed, like Aofie’s, she often refers to her younger self as a ‘chav’ and prides herself on how far she has come. She’s also a pretty good singer and sometimes uploads covers onto TikTok. Her videos consistently get thousands of views and likes.

Doctor Ethan – Nottingham University

Ethan is a Medic at Nottingham University and uses his TikTok platform to share medical advice and scientific facts. We’re not sure that he’s qualified to give medical advice but he’s having a good time doing it so we will let it slide.

He has 145.3k followers on TikTok and 139k on Instagram, he’s definitely going to be the most famous final year medic student at Notts.

Kim Grisdale – Newcastle University

Kim is TikTok famous for creating sustainable streetwear clothing, they get thousands of views on every TikTok and offers advice on people wanting to start designing their own clothing.

We’re not sure what year Kim is in but her TikTok brand called Kustom Klothing has 66.2k followers on TikTok and just over 2.5k on Instagam too.

Alex Hanson – Cardiff University

This one is every uni students dream account, one student from Cardiff makes really boujee cocktails and posts them on her TikTok. It’s like an entire brand with her TikTok name on a little sign and a really nice backdrop. She posts one cocktail recipe a day but hasn’t posted since August 18 so we have a lot of cocktail recipes coming our way. Her TikTok is called The Cocktail Vibe, I am very jealous of anyone who pre-drinks with Alex as I imagine her mixing skills are excellent.

She has 57.4k followers on TikTok and just under 2,000 on Instagram, however on her personal Insta she’s nearing 3,000.

Mary – Bristol University

Mary is a third year Psychology student at Bristol Uni, she even gets recognised on nights out. In her TikTok bio she’s got a discount for face masks that say ‘fuck Boris’, very Bristol and very uni. Her content is jokes and she regularly posts too.

Mary has a 52.6k following on TikTok and 738 following on Instagram.

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