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Introducing: The Insta famous students at your uni right now

Imagine being this hot, smart AND rich


Some people get a coffee shop job when they're at uni. Others might pick up an extra shift at the Library. But some students have outsmarted us all, because they've decided to become Insta famous whilst being at uni and will probably never have to work again.

Meet the Instagram famous students at British universities right now:

Robyn Emma Keen (Nottingham University) – 15.3k followers

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Robyn is a student at Nottingham University and she has 15,300 followers on Instagram.

Freddie Pearson (Manchester University) – 108k followers

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Freddie is a a model and first year student at Manchester University, he has 108,000 followers on Instagram.

Heather Cooper (Portsmouth University) – 17.3k followers

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Heather Cooper is a student at Portsmouth University with 17,300 followers on Instagram.

Robyn Nagioff (Nottingham University) – 13.3k followers

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Robyn is a model who also studies at Nottingham University. She has 13.3k followers.

Hugh Laughton Scott (Newcastle University) – 121k followers

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Hugh Laughton Scott is a model and a student at Newcastle University with 121,000 followers on Instagram.

Lydia Meck (Bournemouth University) – 60k followers

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Lydia is Lucy Meck's younger sister. She has 60,000 followers on Instagram. The 22-year-old has just graduated, after completing a Media and Communications degree.

Ibrahim Mohammed aka Ibz Mo (Cambridge University) – 22k followers

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Third year Cambridge student Ibrahim Mohammed vlogs his experiences as a working-class BAME student at Cambridge. He has just under 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and 22,000 on Instagram.

Ambar Driscoll (Exeter University) – 112k followers

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Third year student and model studies Classical Studies with English at Exeter University. She goes out with famous YouTuber Caspar Lee, who has over seven million subscribers. Ambar has 112,000 followers on Instagram.

Lady Amelia Windsor (Edinburgh University) – 75.6k followers

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Lady Amelia Windsor studies Modern Languages at Edinburgh University and has 75.6k followers on Instagram. Yes, she's a member of the royal family.

Holly Gabrielle aka. veganhollyg (Cambridge University) – 36.2k followers

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The vegan Cambridge vlogger has 144,000 subscribers on YouTube and 36,200 followers on Instagram.

PaigeY (Cambridge University) – 6.5k followers

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The Physical Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge has 6,000 followers on Instagram and 62,000 on Youtube.

Naomi Young aka afternaomi (Durham University) – 8.6k followers

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Naomi is a final year Geography student at Durham University. She used to have 121,000 followers on Instagram but her account got hacked, so she now has over 8,000.

Dana Evans (Nottingham University) – 3.4k followers

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Dana studies at Nottingham University and she has 3,400 followers on Instagram.

Silly Lettuce (Durham University) – 27.8k followers

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The stylish Durham student has 27,800 followers on Instagram.

Jack Edwards (Durham University) – 23.8k followers

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Jack is a vlogger at Durham University with 83,000 subscribers on YouTube and 23,800 followers on Instagram. He studies English Literature and is a BBC presenter.

Ruby Granger (Exeter University) – 52k followers

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Ruby Granger is studying Philosophy and Theology at Exeter University with 52,000 followers on Instagram and 270,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Ella Wills (Edinburgh University) – 84.6k followers

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Ella is an Economics student at Edinburgh University with 84.6k followers on Instagram. She's also a Made In Chelsea star.

Morgan Crawfrod (Leeds University) – 14.6k followers

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Morgan is a vegan Leeds University graduate with nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Rebecca Catherine Smith aka Rebecca Fitness Eats (Leeds University) – 176k followers

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Rebecca is a fitness Instagrammer currently at Leeds University. She has 176,000 followers on Instagram.

Elle Edwards aka LiveFitElle (Liverpool University) – 282k followers

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Liverpool student Elle studies Law and has 282,000 followers on Instagram.

Aliss Bonython (Nottingham University) – 359k followers

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Aliss is a plus size model and influencer who goes to Nottingham University. She has 359,000 followers on Instagram.

Grace Beverley aka Grace Fit Uk (Oxford University) – 898k followers

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Grace is a final year, studying Music at Oxford University. She is a fitness Influencer, who has 898,000 followers on Instagram and 442,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Eve Bennet (Oxford University) – 111k followers

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Eve studies Modern Languages at Oxford University. She has 111, 000 followers on Instagram and 171,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Rosie Bea (Southampton University) – 80.4k followers

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Rosie is currently studying Fashion Design at Southampton University and has 80,400 followers on Instagram. She also has a lifestyle YouTube channel with 270,000 subscribers. She's followed by Zoella.

Becky Tunstall (Southampton University) – 9.6k followers

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Becky studies Medicine at Southampton University and has just under 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Hannah Koestler aka. Prosperous Healthy Life (Warwick University) – 209k followers

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Hannah graduated from Warwick University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She posts vegan recipes on her main account Prosperous Healthy Life, which has 209,000 followers. These are nine of her favourite vegan recipes.

If you know any more Insta-famous students at your uni, drop me an email at [email protected] with their deets or DM me on Twitter @thediyora, to include them on this list.

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