Where did all the royals go to uni? A serious investigation

More importantly which one of them went to UWE?!

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You're at an afters, completely mangled after a big one and classic, a Ralph Lauren roadboy from Surrey starts droning on about how fucked it is that the UK still has a monarchy. He'll say: "I just think it's fucked like how they take our money, live in state-funded mansions and like will never have to work hard in their life. You know?"

And then you realise they're talking about you. You're the royal. So you emptily nod along because you don't know whether the people in the room realise they're talking about you and the rest of your extended royal family. That's a scenario I imagine all 25 members of the modern royal family who went to uni must have experienced at one point or another. But where did they all go to uni? We found out:

Prince William – University of St Andrews

When Prince William enrolled at St Andrews to study History of Art in 2001, there was an increase in the number of applications to St Andrews, mostly from young women who wanted to meet him. He later changed his main subject to Geography and graduated with a 2:1 in a Scottish Master of Arts degree.

At uni, he represented the Scottish national universities water polo team. He was also known "Steve" by people, to avoid any journalists overhearing and realising his identity. He also met Kate during his time at uni. Read more about their tumultuous relationship here.

Kate Middleton – University of St Andrews

Kate studied History of Art at St Andrews and met Will at a charity fashion show in 2002. Apparently, she first caught his eye when she appeared on stage wearing a see-through lace dress. They started dating in 2003 and lived together in second year. Kate graduated with a 2:1 in History of Art.

Prince Harry – famously didn't go to uni, but served in the army instead

Haz got two A-Levels. A B in Art and a D in Geography. During his time at Eton, he was House Captain of Games and represented the school at rugby, cricket and polo and was a member of the Combined Cadet Force.

He joined the Army in 2003, but before doing that he went on a gap year. He travelled to Australia, Argentina and Africa, where he made a documentary about the plight of orphans in Lesotho.

Meghan Markle – Northwestern University in Chicago, America

Meghan joined Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and graduated from Northwestern's School of Communication in 2003 with a degree in Theatre and International Studies. The two things that proved really useful to her in life.

Amelia Windsor – The University of Edinburgh

Granddaughter of the Queen's cousin, Prince Edward, and currently 36th in line to the throne, Amelia Windsor is the 22-year-old, who goes by 'Mel', studies modern languages at Edinburgh University, rubs shoulders with the fashion elite, goes to Glasto and likes taking dog pics.

She studies French and Italian and has 74,000 followers on Instagram. Read more about her here.

Freddie Windsor – University of Oxford

Lord Frederick Windsor is the only son of Prince and Princess of Michael of Kent. He's currently 48th in line to the succession of the British throne. He was educated at Magdalen College at Oxford, where he gained a 2:1 in Classics. He's now a banker and Vice President at JP Morgan.

Lady Gabriella Windsor – University of Oxford

The daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and 51st in lie to the succession of the British throne, earned an MPhil degree in Social Anthropology from Linacre College, Oxford in 2012.

Lady Sarah Chatto – Middlesex University

She's the only daughter of Princess Margaret and Atony Armstrong-Jones. An artist, she attended Camberwell School of Art and then enrolled at Middlesex Polytechnic (now known as Middlesex University.)

Sam Chatto – The University of Edinburgh

Sam Chatto graduated from Edinburgh last year with a degree in History of Art. The royal is 22nd in line to the throne and unfortunately for you, he's not single. He's been in a relationship with Sophie Pipe for the last three years. Sam is interested in yoga, travel and pottery making. He also writes really wholesome Instagram captions to his 40k followers and people can't get enough of it.

Arthur Chatto – The University of Edinburgh

Arthur Chatto, the chiseled 18-year-old and member of the royal family, is a History of Art second year at Edinburgh University. The Queen's great nephew and son of Lady Sarah Chatto, Arthur has 78k followers on Instagram and enjoys working out, arctic diving, mountain climbing and playing the bagpipes. I think he also has a girlfriend… sigh.

Charles Armstrong Jones – Loughborough University

The 18-year-old son of David Armstrong-Jones is currently enrolled at Loughborough University in Leicestershire.

Princess Beatrice – Goldsmiths College


Beatrice gained a 2:1 degree in History and The History of Ideas from Goldsmiths College.

Princess Eugenie – Newcastle University

Recently married Princess Eugenie was initially rejected from Newcastle University as her grades were not good enough. She applied to study English Literature, for which the entry requirements were AAA, but she only achieved 2As and a B at A-Level. It was later revealed that she was allowed to study a combined honours in English Lit, History of Art and Politics because she “had more significance” than other applicants.

Eugenie graduated with a 2:1 in 2012 in BA English Literature.

Prince Edward – The University of Cambridge

The youngest of four children and third son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward read History at Jesus College, Cambridge. His admission was controversial as his A-level grades were far below the "straight As" usually required to get into Cambridge. His A-Level grades were a C and two Ds. He graduated with a 2:2 in 1986.

Peter Phillips – University of Exeter

Peter, the only son of Anne, Princess Royal went to Exeter University and graduated with a degree in Sports Science. At uni, he played for the Exeter University Rugby League team.

Zara Tindall – University of Exeter

Sister to Peter Phillips, Zara attended the University of Exeter where she studied Physiotherapy. She also won an Olympic silver medal and received an MBE for her services to equestrianism in 2007.

Prince Richard – The University of Cambridge

The youngest grandchild of King George V and Queen Mary, he is a paternal cousin of the Queen and currently 26th in line to the British throne. In 1963, he matriculated at Magdalene College in Cambridge where he studied Architecture.

Alexander Windsor – King's College London

The only son of Prince Richard read War Studies at King's College London, graduating in 1996.

Lady Davina Lewis – University of the West of England

The elder daughter or Prince Richard is a graduate of the University of the West of England, with a degree in media studies.

Flora Ogilvy – University of Bristol

The 23-year-old minor royal graduated with a 2:1 in History of Art from the University of Bristol in 2016.

Alexander Ogilvy – Brown University


Brother of Flora, Alex Ogilvy, studies Computer Science and Economics at Brown University in America.

Angus Ogilvy – University of Oxford

He's best known as the husband of Princess Alexandra, a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. In 1947 he attended Trinity College, Oxford, graduating in 1950 with a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

James Ogilvy – University of St Andrews

James is the elder and only son of Sir Angus Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra of Kent. From St. Andrews, he earned a Scottish Master of Arts degree in History of Art.

Cassius Taylor – Goldsmiths University

Cassius is on the left

Cassius is the 44th in line to the throne. His mother is Lady Helen Taylor. He's a third year, studying Arts Management at Goldsmiths and according to his LinkedIn, he's "looking into a career in Music and Fine Art." He currently works part-time at his dad's art gallery in Mayfair.

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