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A guide on everything you need to know about using Instagram

Including how to get 1,000 followers, how it ranks your story and how to get a blue tick


Instagram is the app which allows you to share pictures and videos from day-to-day life with followers, with a bit of filter on top to make life looking amazing. Uploading pictures and stories is simple, but this guide on how to use Instagram will help with all the tips and tricks you might not know about to really get the most out of the app. Like how to watch someone's story without them knowing, or how to get a blue tick and how to get loads of followers on Instagram.

Read below for The Tab's guide on everything you need to know about using Instagram:

How does Instagram rank story viewers?

There are three theories from Reddit and forums on how Instagram ranks the viewer order on your Insta story. They are the stalking theory, top 50 theory and three signals theory.

According to this Reddit thread, the stalking theory suggests the top viewers are those who go on your profile the most – even without liking or commenting on anything.

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The top 50 theory claims the first 50 people to view your story is shown chronologically in the order they watched it. According to this forum, after 50 the order changes to rank by who interacts with your profile the most, like the stalking theory.

Finally the three signals theory, as suggested by someone who works at Instagram, says there are three considerations as to who ranks where, including the timing of the post, your relationship and how much they think they'll like your story.

How to get 1,000 Instagram followers

Getting to 1,000 Instagram followers can be difficult, but it's all about making sure your filters, captions, picture quality and picture content are all on point. Free apps like VSCO and Afterlight will enhance your pictures to look really aesthetic.

People who have over 1,000 followers say the quickest way to get to 1,000 followers is:

– Have self-deprecating captions when you're posting something very Instagrammy or posed e.g. sat on an inflatable flamingo, at brunch, a selfie

– Make sure the background is aesthetic and inspirational e.g. landscapes, beaches, mountains, colourful walls

The best time to post is around noon or between 6-9pm, when people are most likely to be looking on Instagram

– Take high quality pictures and use filters to enhance the picture

Are people notified when you screenshot their story?

At the moment, no. But Instagram did trial some accounts on sending a notification when another user screenshot or screen recorded their Instagram story. However the feature – like you currently get on Snapchat – is yet to be rolled out to all users, thank god.

But when you screenshot a video or picture that someone has direct messaged you, the person will be notified.

How to hide someone’s Instagram story from your feed without unfollowing them

Sometimes you want to get rid of that one person, probably an ex, from constantly appearing in your Instagram story feed. Unfollowing them would mean not being able to stalk them, so instead you can just mute them, which enables you to hide them from your story feed.

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To do this, hold down on their icon in the story feed and hit 'mute'. Their icon will go to the back of the story queue. If you want to unmute them, find their icon, hold down and hit 'unmute' and they'll reappear in their usual ranking.

How to download someone's Instagram story before it disappears

If you want to get your hands on someone's Instagram story before it disappears, you can use this website to find the username and that user's stories available. The person won't be notified either of your stalking, so you can download and send as many vids down the group chat as you like, without the person ever finding out.

The 90s looking filter everyone is using on their Instagram, and how to get it

Huji is the app everyone is downloading and taking their Insta pics in. It makes your Instagram posts look like they have a 90s vintage film camera effect on them. This is what the pics look like:

To get it, go to the App Store and download the Huji app. It's free to use, or you can pay £0.99 and upload any photos from your camera roll into the app and apply the filter that way.

How to unsee someone’s Instagram story

If you accidentally view someone's Instagram story who you now want to unsee – don't panic. Blocking them – just for 24 hours – means your story view disappears from their view count, so they'll be none the wiser. To block, go on their profile and tap the three dots on the right hand side, and click block.

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How to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing

Doing this takes skill, but it is possible to watch someone's Instagram story without your account showing up in their view count. These are the steps to achieve full incognito viewing:

1) Click on the story before or after the one you want to watch

2) Pause the story you're watching by holding down on the screen

3) Swipe a tiny bit to the left or right, depending on which way the person whose story you want to watch is, so the screen starts to rotate – it'll look like this:

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From this position you'll be able to watch their story. Make sure not to go too far on the swipe around – otherwise it'll count it as a view.

How to get a blue tick on Instagram

Blue ticks on Instagram are mainly for celebs, politicians, bloggers or anyone a little bit famous. Currently you can't request to get a blue tick on Instagram, so the quickest way for you to get a tick is literally become influential in any way possible.

Can you see how many people have viewed your Instagram profile?

Yes, but you have to turn your account into a business account first to have access to insights, Instagram's analytics tool. If you don't have one already, create a business page for yourself on Facebook. Then go to settings in Instagram, and click 'change to business profile'. From there it'll take you through the steps of joining up your Facebook business account to your Insta, and then you'll be able to see who viewed your Instagram profile.

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The Instagram insights icon

Then you can click on the graph icon, and get stats for how many people visited your profile, when your followers are most active, how many people saved your posts and your reach, amongst other data.

What's a finstagram?

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Bad qual photos like this would deff be acceptable on the Finsta

A finstagram is a second account which is seen to be more fun than your normal, perfectly manicured Insta. It's on a finstagram you might put ugly selfies, memes and blurry pics which wouldn't pass the test normally. Finstagrams are usually made private, so only a select few people can follow.

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