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Introducing Ambar Driscoll: Exeter third year, model and YouTuber Caspar Lee’s girlfriend

She models for Adidas no biggie


Most students going into third year worry about how they're going to scrape that 2:1 when all they want to do is drink VKs on a Wednesday night. Forever.

But imagine going into your final year whilst modelling part-time, keeping up with your 90k followers on Instagram, going out with big-time YouTuber Caspar Lee and trying to get a degree.

Meet Ambar Driscoll, the final year Exeter student and the girl of your dreams. She studies Classical Studies with English and her life will make you feel like you've achieved nothing in comparison.

Ambar is a third-year at the University of Exeter

In her first year at uni she lived in Clydesdale Rise.

Ambar and her team won Exeter's RAG Jailbreak after getting all the way to Tel Aviv. The team raised nearly £1,000 for charity.

She regularly attends various socials and balls at the uni.

She loves a VK and can be seen in Rosie's most Monday nights

She models in her spare time and has won a competition with Missguided

Ambar became a 'Babe of Missguided' back in 2016.

Ambar also won a contract with Anti-Agency as a result. She regularly uploads selfies and shots of her on photoshoots for huge brands.

She's always been worried that being 5'4 would hold her back in her modelling career, but here's her shoot for Converse and JD sports.

She says she wants to work for a book publisher one day

In her winner's interview for the Missguided competition, she revealed her dream would be "to move to New York and become an editor for a book publishing company." She said: "I think reading for a living would be amazing."

Her envy-inducing Instagram has over 90k followers

She loves Harry Potter and even has a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol on her ankle

Her boyfriend is Caspar Lee, the millionaire YouTuber with over seven million subscribers

Caspar Lee shot to fame as one of the first big YouTube stars way back in 2011 and now has over 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube, nearly 6 million followers on Twitter and 3.3 million followers on Instagram.

Ambar has also featured in several of Caspar's videos, including one where she is interrogated by his mum for a lie detector test.

Ambar actually first met him six years ago as a fan when she went to his meet and greet

Although, Caspar has admitted that he can't remember meeting his current girlfriend. The two lovebirds eventually reconnected by chance over Instagram a couple of months ago.

Caspar has visited Exeter to see Ambar at least once

He made the trip down in May, presumably after her exams had finished and was spotted buying some not-so-baragin booze from Saunders and partying it up in TP:

To make you even more jealous of her glamorous life, Ambar is currently living it up on holiday in Australia

Who knows, if we're lucky, maybe Ambar and Caspar will make another appearance in TP at some point this year.

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