Emily Pink

Features Editor

Emily Pink
Exeter University

Student wellbeing, sustainability, student lifestyles, chronic illness and university, self-care, University of Exeter, English Literature

  • Emily Pink is currently the Features Editor for The Tab Exeter, researching and writing original and current content for university students
  • Emily's journalistic interest lies in creating safe spaces for students to feel included and heard, particularly those with chronic or underlying conditions
  • Emily Pink is passionate about advocating for sustainable lifestyles through campaigns, projects, and digital resource creation


Emily is Features Editor for The Tab Exeter and journalist for Paris-based magazine 7Hollywood. She previously worked for Voir Fashion as Website Content Assistant and she owns a blog on sustainable living, titled The Little Wardrobe.


Emily was state-school educated in West Sussex before coming to University of Exeter in 2021 to study BA English. She is currently in her final year of undergraduate study and aims to progress to the MA Publishing course in Exeter.


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