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Exeter Chiefs set to discuss ‘racist’ branding

A petition calling for a change to branding has 3,000 signatures

Exeter Uni’s 3D printers being used to make PPE

They’ve made over 4000 face masks already

Petition started to change name of Exeter’s Blackboy Road

It currently has almost 1,700 signatures

This Exeter student is raising money for BLM by selling tie-dye clothing

This is just one innovative way to raise money and awareness for the worthy cause

Exeter student apologises after racist Facebook comments were exposed

The University is investigating

‘Why’s everyone doing this BLM crap?’: Exeter investigates student’s Insta story

He’s been accused of ‘trivialising’ police brutality in the UK

Vigil for George Floyd to be held in Exeter this Saturday

“There will be a silence of 8 minutes and 46 seconds”

Final year students given choice over graduation ceremony

Exeter University graduates will choose whether they celebrate graduation in Easter or Summer 2021.