Aisling Finn

There’s been an outbreak of mumps at Exeter

The health centre have reported a number of cases over the last couple of weeks

An inquest has found that Exeter student Rory Cattermole drowned in a stream

He was found on Snapmaps

Students have written an open letter to stop Katie Hopkins coming to Exeter

It has over 200 signatures

Don’t panic but Gandy’s is up for sale

Apparently a big chain is eyeing it up

20-year-old arrested after 14 cars and three houses were damaged last night

He’s currently being questioned by police

Exeter Uni Vice Chancellor could be paid £830,000 by 2021

The uni says it reflects his ‘commitment and outstanding performance’

Bracton Law Society has been disbanded by The Guild

A BLS racist group chat was exposed earlier this year

The Barn accommodation was evacuated last night after an arson attack

It was caused by a mattress being set on fire

An Exeter second year traded his house keys for a half-smoked cigarette on a night out

He doesn’t even smoke

Durham grad resigns as President-Elect of the Student Humanists after transphobic tweet

He retweeted a tweet saying ‘women don’t have penises’

Parties, living together and a break up: Everything we know about Kate and Will’s relationship at St Andrews

A detailed investigation

Warwick Labour Chair accused of anti-semitism as he appears to endorse Israel as a ‘racist endeavour’

Fraser Amos has been accused of anti-semitism following his retweet

These are all the secret uni drinking societies they don’t want you to know about

Yep, they still exist

Natural Cycles: How the glossy Insta-famous contraceptive app lost its sparkle

Turns out fit influencers can’t stop pregnancies

Natural Cycles banned from advertising on Facebook as ‘highly effective’ contraception

The adverts were ‘misleading’

Check out the best dressed from Notting Hill Carnival 2018

Think feathers, sparkle, and a whole lot of glitter

The moment you’ve been waiting for: Here are the best dressed at EGB 2018

Florals at EGB? Groundbreaking

Hold onto your meatballs: IKEA is coming to Exeter

If you didn’t go to IKEA to get your uni supplies are you even a student?

Here’s everything that went down at the UNMASK rally yesterday

People gathered outside the Forum to protest racism in Exeter

Now two students in the racist Exeter group chat have been fired by their law firms

One firm said they were ‘deeply disturbed’ by the messages