Saturday Night Lemmy is BACK

I cannot remember the last time I jammed out to Angels

Hold onto your meatballs: IKEA is coming to Exeter

If you didn’t go to IKEA to get your uni supplies are you even a student?

Breaking: Some of the students in the racist Law group chat have been expelled

Others have been suspended and given ‘significant sanctions’

Exeter receives largest ever donation of £10 million to the medical school

This will fund a new Neuroimaging centre at the Medical School

This Exeter finalist wrote her dissertation on Harry Potter and watched the films five times each

Riddikulus? We think not

It’s been three weeks since the Exeter racism scandal and investigations are still on-going

No further statements or apologies have been issued by the uni or the students involved

Here’s everything that went down at the UNMASK rally yesterday

People gathered outside the Forum to protest racism in Exeter

We may feel ashamed of our uni now but we need to come together to fight racism at Exeter

Now is the time to look to the future

People are withdrawing their UCAS applications for Exeter Uni after the racist group chat


Exeter Uni tells students not to discuss racist hate speech on social media

Racist events are to be reported, instead

There will be an anti-racism rally on campus tomorrow

Just three days after the recent Bracton Law scandal

Matthew Bell has released an apology for his racist messages in the Exeter Law society group chat

‘The comments, which I shall not repeat, are inexcusable and undeniably wrong’

Now two students in the racist Exeter group chat have been fired by their law firms

One firm said they were ‘deeply disturbed’ by the messages

Students involved in racist BLS group chat now suspended pending ‘major investigation’

People are calling for them to be expelled but the decision is yet to be announced

Exclusive: Exeter Law Society racist group chat messages exposed

One committee member uses the n-word a lot and they joke about rape

Everything you’ll know if you’re Irish at a British University

Failing your exams because you forgot to ask your Granny to light a candle for you

The activist, Billy Bragg, will join the Exeter picket line today

‘There is power in a union’

Breaking: There was a silent sit-down protest in the Forum today

The Guild President was there too

Student hit on the head with a VK bottle during Wednesday TP night

Bleeding cut the night short and chances of pulling to zero

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