Edie Wilde

Student Contributor

Edie Wilde
Exeter University

Student news, current events, political events, campus gossip, lifestyle, pop culture, music, history, literature, theatre

  • Edie writes a weekly self-help column: "Fridays with Edie", in which she answers queries sent in by members of the Tab readership
  • Edie enjoys writing about student life and experience at Exeter University and is interested in the impact news and events have on the personal lives of students
  • Edie is interested in music, politics and history, all of which are integral to her role as a student contributor at the Tab Exeter


Edie has long term interest in student journalism. Edie joined The Exeter Tab at the start of her third year and has since become an established weekly columnist and student commentator on campus events


Edie is currently studying BA History at the University of Exeter and will graduate in 2024. Edie has taken modules in modern social and political history and is currently writing her final-year dissertation on the impact of the media on the counterculture movement of the late 1960s.


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