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Meet Kate Moss’ wild little sister Lottie, you will want to be her best friend forever

Your life sucks in comparison

We all know Kate Moss, but not many people know about her half-sister Lottie, a 20-year-old model and socialite living in London. When she is not eating brunch with the cast of Made in Chelsea or getting her friends to take pictures of her sticking her ass out on a yacht, she is drinking rosé, buying cars and going to festivals. If you say you're not jealous, that is a plain lie. I want to join her squad of fit posh babes so we can take slutty selfies together and go skiing in Aspen.

The newspapers constantly say that Lottie is 'out of control' which is basically code for a woman who has fun

In another life she'd be doing a season in Ibiza, walking through clubs in a black leotard with prosecco and sparklers. I can imagine Lottie necking Jägerbombs, okay maybe she is a little too Chelsea for that. But she definitely buys rounds of Tequila.

When she spent New Years in the Bahamas people complained that there was pumping music coming from her luxury yachts and nudity

Director Guy Bottomley told The Sun: "I wouldn’t say the party was out of control but I would definitely say there was a lot of debauchery. It was a higher class of people than Club 18-30."

Another local said: "I have no problem with getting a little crazy and having fun. I do, however, have a problem with getting downright lewd on a family island, forcing local folks to go home early."

She has the trashiest tattoos, she literally looks like a Tumblr GIF

All she needs is a om symbol, some song lyrics and a beanie.

She has modelled for Chanel, Bulgari, Topshop Unique, Dolce and Gabbana

She was signed age 13 to Storm after being photographed as a bridesmaid at her sister Kate's wedding to ex-husband Jamie Hince.

She is always wearing Misguided and Pretty Little Thing like a true British fun time gal

Proof? When Misguided made a 'Jeans and a nice top' section, Lottie retweeted this:

She even wore Misguided to prom:

And this two-piece can be bought for under 20 quid.

If Kate Moss is Gucci, Lottie is Fashionova.

She has excellent cultural tastes, she loves meme queen and TOWIE star Gemma Collins

She loves rosé like every fun girl you have ever met

Speaking to W magazine Lottie discussed a dinner out in Mykonos where she ordered an oversized 3 litre bottle of Mirabeau Pure. That is 4x the size of those Echo Falls Summer Fruits you're always buying from Tesco Local.

“Who wants to try first?” asked the waiter. The table pointed to Lottie. “Are we just ordering loads?” she asked, studying the menu. “Can we get feta cheese? I love feta. I’m such a foodie… I’ve known how to crack a lobster since I was little. I should put it on my CV.”

In the run up to her A-Level exams Lottie was in Cannes wearing Dior

Whilst everyone else was making spider diagrams on the properties of Carbon, Lottie was probably sat sipping a mojito, getting bronzed on a sun lounger.

She told Vogue about going to Cannes Film Festival: “I quickly change[d] out of the gown to take a few minutes out to do some revision before the finishing touches. My A-levels start next week! Sometimes I feel like I live in two worlds. One minute I'm in a Dior suite in Cannes and then the next I'm in a classroom in Sussex. I feel like I'm Hannah Montana.”

Lottie is always posting Instagram videos of her working out at the gym looking silly hot

She crashed her car and then in a totally Lindsay Lohan move just spent shit loads on another one

You might think you're blessed because you have a mate who drives you to Nandos in their Vauxhall Corsa. But after crashing her car Lottie spent 14K on a new BMW.

She told her Snapchat followers: "So today guys I am getting a new car – kinda buzzing because I crashed my last one."

Before sharing a picture of it on Twitter with the caption: "Picking up my new baby in three days."

She poses fabulous hoe-y Instagram photos

Teach me how to take a good thirst trap, Lottie.

She said she could never be skinny because she loves garlic bread too much

Which is pretty annoying cause her whole body is about the size of my right arm, but I think we can all agree, garlic bread is bae. And if you can eat white bread and still look like this then fair dos.

Lottie went to Secret Garden Party and was one of those fit glittery girls who makes you ashamed to leave your tent

Lottie and her gals stayed in a Premier Inn near the festival. She obviously had a great time because The Daily Mail obtained pictures of her sat with friend Made in Chelsea star Jess Woodley snorting "suspicious white powder" at 11am.

She epitomises the cute but psycho girl

After they reportedly broke up, at Secret Garden Party Lottie Snapchatted a picture of Alex Mitton painted with her initials:

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Another time she threw a drink on an ex-boyfriend when he supposedly cheated on her.