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A comprehensive ranking of the UK’s most insufferable YouTubers

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Cast your mind back to when the general UK public were brainwashed into following YouTubers and looking at their #relatable lives through a camera.

The artistic sketches, 'funny' commentaries and pathetic pranks are so old. Put down your vlogging cameras: nobody gives a shit about what skateboard brand are sponsoring your content.

So for the sake of reminiscence, we've ranked UK's vloggers and 'film creators' from the bad to the worse. Don't @ me when YouTube wakes up and they're de-monetised in the morning.

Jim Chapman

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Jim, you're fit, but you blabber on too much. "I absolutely love Wimbledon, it's so civilised". He's grown up and he hates his old videos, because he certainly wasn't travelling to Ibiza or endorsed by Hilfiger when he was young and just starting filming. He now does cooking videos and fashion advice for some reason. 6/10

Sprinkle of Glitter

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Louise was one of the oldest of the Brit Youtube gang during the peak years of the YouTube craze. She recently filmed her home birth of her second child, which doesn't technically put her into the category of insufferable, but still excruciating to watch someone in pain for that long without nurse support. 6/10

Marcus Butler

R.I.P Marcus of the old years – who was young, fit, full of life. He now models for Dolce & Gabanna and hip skateboard brands that endorse him at all sorts of shit but it doesn't interest anyone. He's just trying to fit into the crowd of rich hipster kids but they didn't have to work for the money, he did. 5/10


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I swear she had a baby for more content. Her new little child will grow up surrounded by film sets, hauls and sponsored toys that Fleur never actually has to buy. Her style evolution from heavy side fringe to Brazilian blow out never fails to entertain, she always claimed to be glamorous but swore by a bag made out of eel's skin. 5/10

Joe Sugg

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He's bitter because he will always live in big sister Zoella's shadow. He legit started it because his friends said his sister had. His personality is a weird mix of cool guy next door but also slightly jealous of attention and pulls stupid pranks that everyone is sick of. Also who the hell wants to find a Valentine on Omegle. 5/10

Becca Rose

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Everything is either pink or rose gold. No other colours exist. She's good mates with Zoella and their dogs have playdates, but other than that it's that fancy calligraphy everyone's tired of seeing and no original content. 4/10

Oli White

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Sorry, who? It's like this guy is permanently stuck in uni lyfe. He's the guy that always misses the lads, was a BNOC, studied History, and most likely his dad never got him a job at a good bank. He's never actually has done anything good with his life. 4/10

Niomi Smart

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The YouTuber ex of Marcus Butler, and just loves to be eco-friendly!! Save the earth!! No rubbish in your house!! Health!! Her recent summer video showed her doing work in a day. Congrats b, welcome to the 9-5. 4/10

Tanya Burr

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Wife of Jim, now West End actress, still cannot vlog. She started out doing tutorials for actresses, but now so many videos of her skin care are a desperate hint for sponsorship. The lifestyle act is so boring, the shopping videos are draining, and who films their actual lunches with people in Covent Garden? 3/10

Caspar Lee

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Two awful 2014 spike haircuts are so much to deal with. Joe moved in with possibly the worst South African export ever, pranking with Marcus and Joe on a regular basis. He was good pals with Tyler Oakley, but Caspar isn't woke enough and is possibly still stuck in 2014 when his jokes weren't even funny. 3/10

Conor Maynard

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A very active member of Tinder started out on YouTube, hoping to follow a similar Justin Bieber discovery that led to multi-millions of records sold and crazy coke habit. But Maynard did not achieve this dream, purely just singing covers and then kinda dropping down in relevance to a pit of nothing. 3/10

Phil Lester

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Lives with Dan. At one point there was speculation they were dating when living together, before their Radio 1 show, but now it seems they have morphed into one and don't have any individual personality. He is also very awkward and has a love affair with noodles. 2/10

Dan Howell

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He's so awkward in real life, I do not know how they're on a comedy show. Maybe he's dating Phil, maybe he is the physical embodiment of existential crises, cringe situations and dark fringes. His emo past related to all of us back in 2008, but we've long gone, and moved on. 2/10


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With 19 million subscribers, it seems he's still got a bit of an audience to make content for. But I'm not sure this audience wants to hear a song screaming 'LAMBORGHINI, MAN SO QUICK YOU THINK HE'S HOUDINI'. He's addicted to FIFA and likes cancelling Logan Paul. Stay in your lane hun. 2/10

Charlie is so cool like

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He started YouTube quite innocently, singing duets with himself about his adult acne and two halves of himself on a ukulele. His voice is whiny, and also his accent sounds like he constantly has a blocked nose? His cat even has its own channel for some reason, and his pals are a bit insufferable. He is definitely one of the worst. 1/10


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Where the hell do we begin with Zoella. We've already called time on her; she's 27 and no longer relevant to the make-up community after trying to take advantage of her young audience with her sodding £50 Christmas calendar. Also her whiny innocent act isn't adding up, since she told people to get a life and leave her relationship alone. 1/10

Pointless Blog

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This year has gone tits up for Alfie Deyes. That £1 video, where he made fun of people for only having £1 to spend per day meant he couldn't use his fancy water filter, or his ice, or have a coffee. He also managed to spend outside his budget on £1 for a beard comb and clothes on someone else's sponsored black credit card. Mate, you're done. 1/10

Sam Pepper

Thank GOD he left YouTube voluntarily. His pranks led to allegations of sexual assault and harassment, where he tried to make out with strangers on the street and pinch girls' asses for content. He stated he was trying to raise awareness for assault against men, but this didn't go with his background of pinning women in corners or on floors in an effort to dominate them. His worst claim was faking killing his best friend for a video that viewers called the police for, claiming danger to his friend's life. He is the most INSUFFERABLE YouTuber that has ever been given a platform on social media, and I'm glad he quit. 0/10

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