Sunnii-Elle Peifer-Stafford
Sunnii-Elle Peifer-Stafford

This student is demanding a £2,250 refund for the lectures missed due to the strikes

She thinks it’s unacceptable

New card turnstiles have been installed at Strand Campus as part of the new security measures by King’s staff

The queues are going to get so much longer

These are the exact plans for the four week long strikes by the UCU this semester at King’s

91.9 per cent of eligible staff called for industrial action

King’s is the 12th best uni in the country for mental health services

According to our Mental Health Rankings 2017

The English Society are hosting a muggle version of the Harry Potter Yule Ball

Nobody can be as badly dressed as Ronald Weasley

We present the WINNERS of the most eligible bachelor and bachelorette competition at King’s

King and Queeeen of 2018 at uni

The KCL Marrow Society have been rewarded with a national charity award for their recruitment of BAME stem cell donors

They won in the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Advocate of the Year category for Anthony Nolan

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat TWO

Better than any girl you swiped right on today

A King’s fresher has set up a GoFundMe page to fund her Christmas sesh

She only has £30 left in her bank account

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat ONE

Read this to find the next Meghan Markle

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelor: Heat TWO

The first round clearly is not enough for us thirsty hoes

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelor: Heat ONE

Barney Stinson has competition my friends

We found out what winter coats and jackets KCL students are wearing to battle the cold

A whole load of Zara to keep us warm

King’s has made over £385k in the last three years out of library fines

Forgetting to return our books has made them the most profit out of any university in London

We asked KCL students whether they agree or disagree with KCLSU’s Safe Space Marshals and why

And now we have even MORE questions to ask

Everything we did to get as many as points as possible on King’s Move in a week

Just a hoe for that free coffee and clothing ya’ll

The KCL Fashion Society are looking for models and designers to take part in a fashion show with five other London universities

It’s the first ‘London University Modest Fashion Show’ this December

King’s students have launched a campaign to stop assessment caps which gained 100 signatures in a day

The ‘Campaign for Fairer Assessment’ completely smashed their petition

A mature King’s medical student has been found guilty of sexual assault and is on the Sex Offender’s Register for five years

He repeatedly grabbed his date’s boobs during sex causing severe bruising

KCL’s Rolling Tones are all dancing, all female and have no reflux, here’s why you should join an Acapella group

‘Instruments? What are they?’

Here are the best dressed from the King’s Fresher’s Fair this week

Lookin’ fly feelin’ fresh