Sunnii-Elle Peifer-Stafford
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Run to Strand! Prince Harry has just been seen at King’s

He got so jealous of his wife he had to visit

HOLD EVERYTHING: Meghan Markle is at King’s RIGHT NOW

Catch her if you can

You’re not going to believe this, but Meghan Markle was at King’s yesterday

And the joke continues

The King’s Libertarian Society is running a petition to ‘impeach’ the KCLSU president

An in-depth explanation as to what the hell is going on

King’s reimburse over £11,000 to Computer Science students after screwing up their placement year

Students were paid back 25 per cent of their fee

Exclusive: Ben from Outnumbered will be a fresher at King’s this September

Maybe he’ll help us win Varsity next year

Here’s a list of the strangest things you can buy on the KCLSU marketplace

Need a new iPhone X?

The King’s Snowsports ex-Vice President and English grad has been killed in a hit-and-run accident in South London

The driver is yet to be found

A comprehensive ranking of the UK’s most insufferable YouTubers

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Guy’s Bar are now charging £1 entry on Wednesday sports nights

BUT they’re still offering £2 pints thank god

Drinking gin makes you fitter, science has confirmed

Forget being a psychopath, now you’re peng

Let’s not forget about Jeremy Irvine, the absolute spice who played Young Sam in Mamma Mia 2


Meet Josh Dylan: Young Bill in Mamma Mia 2 and my future husband

You’re all invited to our wedding x

NUS Trans Officer suspended over claims she posted explicit photographs of a person flashing

She’s the first ever trans NUS officer

If you want to save British television, then vote for Love Island’s Dr Alex and Alexandra

Hear me out

Pretty Little Thing have taken away our 30 per cent student discount and now I have trust issues

Did we hurt u??

‘This should serve as a wake up call’: Wolverhampton Uni criticised for ‘racist’ clearing billboard

We spoke to Wolverhampton students campaigning against racism on campus

Meet Molly Moorish: Liam Gallagher’s estranged daughter, the girl you always wanted to be

She’s my wonderwall x

If you think it’s hot now, wait till you see Megan from Love Island’s spicy, spicy photoshoots

You would literally be a fool not to look at these

Which ex-Love Island member has the most fake followers on Instagram? An investigation

Not about asking your mum for likes anymore