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Sunnii-Elle Peifer-Stafford
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Run to Strand! Prince Harry has just been seen at King’s

He got so jealous of his wife he had to visit

HOLD EVERYTHING: Meghan Markle is at King’s RIGHT NOW

Catch her if you can

You’re not going to believe this, but Meghan Markle was at King’s yesterday

And the joke continues

The King’s Libertarian Society is running a petition to ‘impeach’ the KCLSU president

An in-depth explanation as to what the hell is going on

King’s reimburse over £11,000 to Computer Science students after screwing up their placement year

Students were paid back 25 per cent of their fee

Exclusive: Ben from Outnumbered will be a fresher at King’s this September

Maybe he’ll help us win Varsity next year

Here’s a list of the strangest things you can buy on the KCLSU marketplace

Need a new iPhone X?

The King’s Snowsports ex-Vice President and English grad has been killed in a hit-and-run accident in South London

The driver is yet to be found

A comprehensive ranking of the UK’s most insufferable YouTubers

Like, comment, subscribe!

Guy’s Bar are now charging £1 entry on Wednesday sports nights

BUT they’re still offering £2 pints thank god

Drinking gin makes you fitter, science has confirmed

Forget being a psychopath, now you’re peng

Let’s not forget about Jeremy Irvine, the absolute spice who played Young Sam in Mamma Mia 2


The Tory party actually tried to sell Love Island water bottles saying ‘don’t let Corbyn mug you off’

Popularity and hydration are May’s top priorities

Meet Josh Dylan: Young Bill in Mamma Mia 2 and my future husband

You’re all invited to our wedding x

NUS Trans Officer suspended over claims she posted explicit photographs of a person flashing

She’s the first ever trans NUS officer

If you want to save British television, then vote for Love Island’s Dr Alex and Alexandra

Hear me out

Pretty Little Thing have taken away our 30 per cent student discount and now I have trust issues

Did we hurt u??

‘This should serve as a wake up call’: Wolverhampton Uni criticised for ‘racist’ clearing billboard

We spoke to Wolverhampton students campaigning against racism on campus

Meet Molly Moorish: Liam Gallagher’s estranged daughter, the girl you always wanted to be

She’s my wonderwall x

If you think it’s hot now, wait till you see Megan from Love Island’s spicy, spicy photoshoots

You would literally be a fool not to look at these

Which ex-Love Island member has the most fake followers on Instagram? An investigation

Not about asking your mum for likes anymore

An ex-islander has revealed the details of this year’s secret smoking area

We spoke to a dumped contestant from Love Island 2018

We found out whether the Love Island lie detector is accurate

It’s only got 15 per cent more accuracy than a coin

Here’s how to get automatic refunds for delayed Tube journeys

Putting a price on those god awful signal failures

King’s is the first UK uni to adopt official guidelines to eliminate Anti-Semitism on campus

SOAS rejected the addition because it was ‘too controversial’

A second year Tory campaigner has gone viral on Twitter for creating an #ImWithMay hashtag

Blink twice if you need rescuing Theresa

Here’s how much the 2018 Love Island rejects have made on Instagram since leaving the show

Kendall is raking it in

A step by step guide to making boys jealous through your Instagram story

A method as certified as the bend and snap

We spoke to the King’s Pro-Life Ethics Society to ask them about the Repeal the Eighth campaign

‘Murder, rape and domestic violence occur on a daily basis and cannot be entirely prevented, but no one suggests legalising these crimes’

Students have occupied Senate House to stop outsourcing of uni workers

During their last occupation UoL management called police on peaceful protestors

LSE have paid thousands of pounds to students over damage caused by mice and mould in halls

Being Cinderella ain’t all that

The newly elected Welfare and Community Officer hurls abuse at disabled VPAD on Twitter for not ‘fulfilling her job properly’

Rahma has been open about her disability

KCL Occupy have announced an end to their occupation at the James Clerk Maxwell Building after nine days

They donated all their extra supplies to a homeless shelter

Prince Harry was on Strand Campus today and we missed him AGAIN

We need alerts for their visits

Breaking: King’s UCU branch have rejected the newest agreement to end strike action

Strikes are looking to continue

A lecturer has created a fake exam about the pension strikes and is handing them out to students

Does this count as extra-credit?

Police are now running an investigation into the fights and violent disruption at Strand last night

‘We cannot, and will not, tolerate the use of violent protest in any situation’

Exposed: Gulf in Vice-Chancellor expenses as some claim five figures but others claim nothing

iCloud storage, first-class rail tickets and ‘get well soon’ flowers are included

Here are the best signs from the UCU London demonstration today

‘Furious? I’m FUUKING raging’

We asked teaching staff at King’s why they are on the picket line this semester

‘Because students shouldn’t pay more and more while their teachers make less and less’

This student is demanding a £2,250 refund for the lectures missed due to the strikes

She thinks it’s unacceptable

New card turnstiles have been installed at Strand Campus as part of the new security measures by King’s staff

The queues are going to get so much longer

These are the exact plans for the four week long strikes by the UCU this semester at King’s

91.9 per cent of eligible staff called for industrial action

The English Society are hosting a muggle version of the Harry Potter Yule Ball

Nobody can be as badly dressed as Ronald Weasley

We present the WINNERS of the most eligible bachelor and bachelorette competition at King’s

King and Queeeen of 2018 at uni

The KCL Marrow Society have been rewarded with a national charity award for their recruitment of BAME stem cell donors

They won in the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Advocate of the Year category for Anthony Nolan

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat TWO

Better than any girl you swiped right on today

A King’s fresher has set up a GoFundMe page to fund her Christmas sesh

She only has £30 left in her bank account

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat ONE

Read this to find the next Meghan Markle

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelor: Heat TWO

The first round clearly is not enough for us thirsty hoes

Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelor: Heat ONE

Barney Stinson has competition my friends

We found out what winter coats and jackets KCL students are wearing to battle the cold

A whole load of Zara to keep us warm

King’s has made over £385k in the last three years out of library fines

Forgetting to return our books has made them the most profit out of any university in London

We asked KCL students whether they agree or disagree with KCLSU’s Safe Space Marshals and why

And now we have even MORE questions to ask

Everything we did to get as many as points as possible on King’s Move in a week

Just a hoe for that free coffee and clothing ya’ll

The KCL Fashion Society are looking for models and designers to take part in a fashion show with five other London universities

It’s the first ‘London University Modest Fashion Show’ this December

King’s students have launched a campaign to stop assessment caps which gained 100 signatures in a day

The ‘Campaign for Fairer Assessment’ completely smashed their petition

A mature King’s medical student has been found guilty of sexual assault and is on the Sex Offender’s Register for five years

He repeatedly grabbed his date’s boobs during sex causing severe bruising

KCL’s Rolling Tones are all dancing, all female and have no reflux, here’s why you should join an Acapella group

‘Instruments? What are they?’

Here are the best dressed from the King’s Fresher’s Fair this week

Lookin’ fly feelin’ fresh

‘Does this have milk, gluten or air in it?’ and everything else you learn when working in hospitality

The feeling of taking out a hair doughnut is like no other

Stop what you’re doing: Krispy Kreme are giving out free boxes of doughnuts in London

Get to your nearest Tube stop

A King’s International Development student is crowd-funding to get her parents to graduation

Due to political unrest and economical sanctions her parents can’t afford to go

The TEF has given King’s a Silver award for standard of education

LSE got Bronze lol

In photos: Londoners come together in vigil for London Bridge attacks

Manchester had ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, London had Sadiq Khan

The signs you know you are a grandparent at the club and just need a cocktail

It’s 1:30am and I am asleep in the corner

Big Ben is the seventh most Instagrammed location in the WORLD

I mean you could just photograph every other clock that doesn’t chime

We found out what KCL considers to be ‘library chic’ at Maughan Library

Crushing on clothes instead of critics

Meet the KCL students running ‘The Learning Station Project’

It’s a project teaching languages run specifically for refugees in London

KCL Fashion Society launch their own range of merchandise

It’s Vogue, darling

The King’s Players – “The 39 Steps” Review

There was so much slow mo running it could be British Baywatch

GKTRFC: Meet the men’s GKT Rugby Team aiming high at Macadam 2017

A full tour of the Guy’s Hospital Rugby Macadam Squad is at your service

GKTWRFC: Meet the women’s GKT Rugby Team fighting for the Macadam 2017 title

A full rundown of the GKT Women’s Rugby Team playing KCL in the Macadam Cup, as told by Louise Aaron and Rachel King

We asked you how you’re wearing trainers at KCL

The logistics of how to style the crucial footwear of champions

We asked you how you feel about the Westminster attacks


BREAKING: Eye witness reports from King’s students at Westminster terror attack

Please be careful around Westminster Bridge over the next days

What works better on Tinder: Arctic Monkeys vs Jane Austen

‘I want you down on all fours’ vs ‘You must let me tell you how much I ardently admire and love you’

Meet the KCL Men’s Varsity Hockey Squad kicking UCL in the balls

Square up UCL because the KCL boys are painting the town red on Friday

We asked KCL how sexual harassment should be combatted

Really digging the fact you’re eyeing me up from a van that I will never approach

12 things you wished you’d known when moving into accommodation

God bless whoever invented antibacterial wipes

Meet the candidates running for Postgraduate Vice-President

Celebrating Postgraduates across KCL with a new position

Meet the candidates running for Health Vice-President

Let’s talk counselling service

Meet the candidates running to be Arts & Sciences Vice-President

Let’s get rid of prejudices

Meet the candidates running for Activities & Development Vice-President

Expense deadlines?

Meet the candidates running for President

Free education?

Meet the swimmers about to blow UCL out of the water this Varsity

Disclaimer: We do not promote the breaststroke

BREAKING NEWS: Daffodils with “Divest” outside Strand

Spray painting the great hall, arrests and more protests… what next?

Are You KCL’s Biggest Bachelor? – #1 Dom Prince

Who is the hottest, eligible bachelor at King’s College London?

‘No likey, no lighty!’ What happened at KCL’s Take Me Out

‘I’ll be surprised if I don’t get all 30 lights’

‘I’m here because I believe in equality’: What went down at the Trump protest last night

Trump’s #MuslimBan has no place here

A fresher has started a petition calling for graduation to return to the Royal Albert Hall

Over 1200 people have signed the petition

The stereotypes of every club you’ll go to during your time at King’s

All people should really wear a tattoo of their number and where to return them to

King’s campus street style: Winter edition

Nailing it

We asked for your reaction to Donald Trump being elected

WARNING: No positivity here

We asked you what you think of Trump and Clinton

‘Hilary – better than Trump’