These memes about the dumpster fire that was The Undoing have me completely undone


The Undoing stole six hours of my life and I cannot get them back. Being forced to sit through so many episodes of bad TV with such prominent actors letting you down… that does something to a person. It’s maddening! Whether it’s Nicoles NYC-to-Australia-to-Paris-to-Berlin-to-every-disco-I-get-in accent or Hugh Grant’s very undramatic “oh I might jump no actually I shan’t” finale performance, the whole thing was really utterly… wet.

And because I can’t undo watching The Undoing, I am going to undo all of its little remaining clout by bombarding you with so many memes that it could never possibly recover its reputation in time for a season two renewal.

If I sound angry, it’s because I am. There will be no season two of that show. There simply aren’t enough long green coats in the world to justify it. Let’s undiddlydo some memes.

1. Right first off can we just address how fucking strange this is

I love and respect Nicole but this is rodent behaviour. Like fully, I swear I walked past a street rat doing this the other day. It’s weird and it’s not novel. Plus it looks like a lot of effort so I refuse to start doing it just because the Kidderminster is.

2. This goddamn witchy coat

POV you follow a trail of breadcrumbs down a New York side street and come face to face with Nicole Kidman in her green witch coat. She wants to boil you in a stew. What do you do?

3. Yeah you know I am real sick of watching Nicole get gaslighted

4. Old man eyebrows freak me out

They’re like noses and ears… they just keep growing.

5. Tfw you plan 3484253 better twists in your head than the actual showrunners could come up with

6. I told you. Witch behaviour

7. I’m not here for the rest of this SNL performance but I do appreciate this impression

8. You know you love me xoxo – Murdering Husband Hugh Grant

9. My new fav genre of Undoing meme is putting Hugh Grant with another female costar and calling it The Undoing

It’s simple but effective. Also, SJP as Carrie Bradshaw would EAT this role. Sex and the city 3: Mr. Big kills his mistress with a sculpting hammer.

10. They used to be so happy x

11. Uhhhhhh yeah what about that

12. Knowing that Nicole actually stepped forward and was like ‘It’s okay, I’LL sing the intro’ kills me

13. I should not have laughed at this

Also, why did they insist on showing Elena’s beaten to a pulp brain EVERY episode? Seems a bit EXCESSIVE to moi x

14. Okay now this tops the SNL impression

15. Who needs so many urns?

Hugh Grant, that’s who.

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