All these festive vegan snacks slap so hard you’ll forget they’re vegan

Vegan Baileys and gingerbread doughnuts? Yes please

After several Christmases spent eating weird-smelling vegan cheese and soggy nut roasts whilst gazing wistfully at everyone else’s mince pies, this year’s festive vegan snacks have come to save the day. I’m calling it: This Christmas there’s officially been no better time to be vegan, and all these snacks prove it.

Now, people everywhere can enjoy vegan chocolate, pigs in blankets and turkey sandwiches. Baileys, aka the most festive drink of all time, now even have a vegan version – really what more could you want?

Here are all the best festive vegan snacks on offer this Christmas:

Morrisons gingerbread doughnuts

via Instagram @katielikesbread

Morrisons jam doughnuts are vegan anyway, but now they’ve had a Christmassy upgrade with the all-new gingerbread doughnuts.

Morrisons also has a vegan Christmas trifle, pigs in blankets, tempura no-prawn and no-duck spring rolls.

Costa Christmas sandwich

via Instagram @what_flo_eats

This year Costa has a new vegan Christmas sandwich, the Vegan Turkee, Cranberry & Stuffing Bloomer Toastie, which has vegan turkey and sage and onion stuffing. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve already eaten it three times this year, and it absolutely bangs.

Costa Christmas hot chocolates

If you get dairy-free milk and no toppings, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, After Eight, Gingerbread, Black Forest, and Irish Velvet festive flavours of Costa hot chocs are all apparently vegan – but I’d always double-check with the person making your drink, just to be on the safe side.

Costa Biscoff cheesecake

via Instagram @costacoffee

I’m yet to meet a vegan that isn’t obsessed with the Biscoff biscuits and spread (crunchy is 100 per cent the best, don’t even come near me if you prefer the smooth version) – and now Costa has made our dreams come true with a vegan Biscoff cheesecake.

Costa’s other vegan Christmas snacks also include a vegan Christmas cake (also gluten-free), mince tart, and gingerbread Santa.

Baileys Almande

via Instagram @morgancrawf

Okay I’ll level with you, Baileys made of almond milk sounds like the kind of thing people take the piss out of vegans for enjoying, but it really does slap. It doesn’t taste of chocolate like Baileys with dairy in it does, but it has a nice flavour that’s not too almond-y.

Waitrose vegan camembert

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via Instagram @ruthylovescarbs

No more eating some sad, plasticy vegan cheese on crackers after you’ve had your Christmas dinner, because this year Waitrose has got you covered with their “breaded baking vegan melts”, which look far more appetising than their name suggests.

The Waitrose vegan Christmas range also features “no pigs in blankets” and, of course, a sandwich. Waitrose’s Christmas sandwich offering is the Roasted Roots carrot and parsnip falafel wrap.

Waitrose is really doing bits for us this year, because its Christmasy turkey and stuffing flavour tortilla chips are also accidentally vegan.

Waitrose mince pies

For once, Waitrose Essentials actually are essential: Their mince pies are accidentally vegan! Loads of places do specifically vegan and free from mince pies but they tend to be expensive and not that great, but you can’t really go wrong with the Waitrose Essentials ones, especially when the whole box is only a quid.

Waitrose is also doing a vegan Christmas cake.

Galaxy vegan chocolate

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via Instagram @vegansofldn

Galaxy have a few vegan chocolate bars, perfect for if you fancy a boujee vegan treat. Their vegan flavours include salted caramel, caramelised hazelnut, and orange – perfect for Christmas. They also now do a vegan hot chocolate powder.

Aldi Christmas sandwich

via Instagram @raelikesfroot

Another Christmas sandwich, Aldi’s Vegan Festive Feast with parsnip fritters looks peng.

Other vegan Aldi snacks include the vegan cheese tortilla chips.

Sainsbury’s vegan chocolate

Galaxy vegan choc slaps, but so does Sainsbury’s own brand stuff – and it’s way cheaper. They have butterscotch flavour dairy-free chocolate, and even vegan truffles.

Sainsbury’s also has a load of vegan versions of classic Christmas party food, like no-belly pork bites, BBQ jackfruit bao buns, and sweet chilli cauliflower bites

Moo Free selection box

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via Instagram @veganofficial2020

My mum would get us the a selection box every single year for our stockings, but now there’s a vegan alternative! (Mum, if you’re reading this, please get it for me.) Moo Free have a dairy-free selection box, featuring vegan chocolate buttons and four mini chocolate bars in different flavours.

Tesco vegan turkey

In terms of savoury stuff, Tesco’s vegan Christmas range features sage and onion stuffing balls; nut roast; “meat-free festive vegan roast”; vegan turkey “roast crown”; and vegan beef wellington.

Wicked Kitchen, one of their vegan ranges, also has a Christmassy ginger chai cake.

Boots Christmas sandwich

vegan, festive, christmas, snacks, treats, food

via Instagram @beetsandbobs

Okay yes, it’s another Christmas sandwich, but it sounds delish. This year Boots has two vegan Christmas sandwiches, the No Turkey Feast, and the Vegan Christmas Market. People on Insta are loving it, and it’s apparently included in the meal deal – what more could you want?

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