Before Boris makes ANOTHER life ruining announcement, here’s 23 memes about the last one

Tier 4: Tier Fast Tier Furious

London is in Tier Four, the borders are closed, FTSE’s fallen by 33 billion and Christmas is cancelled. This country we call home has well and truly gone to shit and we can’t pretend we’re handling it “just as badly” as any other place right now… we’re so much worse. We’re the embarrassing family member. We’re literally the cousin that got too fucked on Christmas eve to make it to Christmas dinner. We’re throwing up in the toilet right now. We’ve missed out on the Quality Streets and the presents. It’s done.

But, as with all terrible news in this hellish year, there is one respite: memes. You have to bless the British public for taking to their keyboards in times of strife and spitting pure fire to keep us warm in the cold, dreary days ahead. Word has it there’s a fourth lockdown on the way too, so we need these memes more than anything right now. From Yorkshire Tea to Matt Hancock crying, it’s really all we have left.

1. Me to myself every night before I sleep: Giant CGI Rita Ora can’t hurt you

2. Feel like everyone should be prioritised over Boris at this point but whatever

3. Oh no the lasagne’s back

4. This BBC presenter is an ultimate mood

5. A steamed sham, I tell ya

6. Dear God no don’t make me go into Tier 5

7. It’s not Rock DJ though, is it

8. Do the English know it’s Christmas time at all?

At least this one would be a bit less racist. Serves us right to be fair.

9. Oh I see so you can be a national hero in lockdown one but now we’re in lockdown four you’re staying in Barbados?

10. Seeing Chris Whitty do the cha cha on live television is Tier 6

11. And your great great great granddaughter, she’s called Cooovid yeeeah yeaaah

12. It’s MC Hancock on the mic and when I rock the mic I rock the mic (right!)

You got no love then you’re with the wrong man, it’s time to move ya body!!!! Look I referenced Rock DJ once already and don’t think I won’t do it a third time.

13. Scrooge was a depressed man because the ghost of Christmas future told him about Tier 4

14. Take a seat Boris, we’ve been waiting for you

15. Honestly I would trust the Supernanny to do a much better job than our current government

16. No Love Island this year but at least we have

17. Can’t wait!

18. And 15 days… since I threw tier one awaaaaay

19. I’m so tired

20. Tier 8 is the same but someone’s clicking on and off a light switch and screaming WELCOME TO HELL

21. Lit rally x

22. Really starting to feel this way now

23. It’s a no from me x

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