Edi student gets ‘Boris Johnson’ tattooed on her bum to raise money for NHS

She’s raised over £1,500 for NHS Charities Together

A second year Edinburgh student has had the Prime Minister’s name tattooed on her bum as part of a fundraising dare.

Imogen Challen asked her friends to dare her to do things to celebrate her 20th birthday in May whilst raising money for NHS Charities Together.

In an Instagram post, Imogen explains: “I thought I’d do a couple of challenges and forfeits along the way for the craic, like eating a whole onion like an apple, a couple of TikTok’s, dying my barnet blue.

“Then, on 4th May as I was taking suggestions for more forfeits, a certain Brock Rodgers suggested I should get a tattoo of Boris Johnson on my leg if I reached £1k.

“We settled for the words ‘Boris Johnson’ on my right arse cheek, and the challenge was ahead.”

The PM’s name, forever in ink on her bum

This was Imogen’s first tattoo and cost £40. Despite having never voted Conservative, after agreeing to get said tat, donations soared from £400 to £1,000, with donations pouring in from her hometown, Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

Imogen, and the friend who dared her to do it, Brock (via @imogen_challen)

Imogen said: “Everyone got involved and it just kept going. It was a pretty even split between people from home and Edinburgh, and people were getting their friends to donate as well – it was great.

“I think everybody thought I wouldn’t do it but I just couldn’t because of Covid. I would’ve never not done it.

“I’m glad I did it – the money’s going to a really good cause.”

Imogen was collecting dares via her Instagram

Imogen has raised a total of £1,594. She added: “I was just doing the normal Facebook fundraiser, but thought it was a bit boring and wanted to up the ante and thought about forfeits.”

When asked for her final thoughts on Boris’ name forever being imprinted on her bum, Imogen said: “Thank you to Boris Johnson for being such a high level of disgusting melonhead buffoon that this fundraiser was a success. The only time he will receive my thanks.”

Cover photo and pictures via @imogen_challen and SWNS