Millicent Angel

Instagram Editor

Millicent Angel
Edinburgh University
Edinburgh University

Millicent joined the Edi Tab in her third year of university, and very quickly started contributing weekly with articles and content for the Instagram

  • Millicent is the current Instagram editor for the Edinburgh Tab creating content for over 20 thousand followers as well as contributing with feature, news and opinion articles
  • Millicent’s key aims as Instagram editor is to create engaging, funny and meaningful content for those following the Edi Tab social media accounts. She also hopes to use her platform to write articles about things she is passionate about
  • Outside of the Tab, Millicent is Vice President of the Edinburgh University Flag Football Team and an avid yoga and Pilates lover


She has a lot of experience in writing through being a contributor to her school magazine. Moreover, in her humanities degree she has plenty of experience writing essays. Outside of academia, Millicent has experience being on multiple university society committees


Millicent is currently in her fourth and final year at the University of Edinburgh, studying English Literature and History. She is currently writing her dissertation of the weaponisation of femininity in Victorian and Romantic literature.


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