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Clubbers of the Week: Shitting bricks in Week Six

Not even Babet can keep these clubbers off the dance floor

Clubbers of the Week: Staying alive in Week Five

Not letting midterms get us down

Clubbers of the Week: in Week Four and I still can’t stay off of the dance floor

Mid terms can wait

Clubbers of the Week: Feeling Glee in Week Three

All aboard the Sue Sylvester Express

Clubbers of the Week: No time to feel blue in Week Two

University may have officially started, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop

A round-up of Edi’s craziest Freshers’ Week stories

From the rancid, to the insane, here are you worst stories

Clubbers of the Week: Feeling fun in Week One

If you’re my parents, stop scrolling NOW

Clubbers of the Week: Pre-Exam Gold Rush Week

Only shooting stars break the mould…

Clubbers of the Week: Trying to Triumph in Week Twelve

Do you think getting concussion would get me an essay extension??

Clubbers of the Week: Feels like heaven in Week Eleven

Just don’t ask me how my essays are doing!

Have you really been to an Edi ball if you haven’t done 25/35 of these things?

Because who doesn’t love dressing up like they’re straight out of Bridgerton, just for the night?

Clubbers of the Week: Back to Cowgate again in Week Ten

Post midterms, pre-finals = carnage

Clubbers of the Week: Chugging down wine in Week Nine

Trading Venoms for Guinness for St Paddy’s

Clubbers of the Week: Feeling great in Week Eight

International women’s slay

Clubbers of the Week: Feeling like heaven in Week Seven

Because why study for midterms when you can drink to forget about them!

Clubbers of the Week: Sh***ing bricks in Week Six

When the only thing being ‘read’ during Reading Week are the club names on Cowgate

Clubbers of the Week: Trying to Survive in Week Five

What Edi students do when they’re meant to be writing their essays

Clubbers of the Week: Feeling glee in Week Three

The hunt for a valentine is on

It’s back! Clubbers of the Week returns for Week One

Starting the new semester off in style…

A lowdown of all of Edi’s Christmas events and extravaganzas

The Teviot light switch on means Xmas is here I don’t make the rules

Get your boogie on: The Tab Edi’s guide to Edinburgh’s nightlife

AKA we’ve ranked all of the Edinburgh clubs so you don’t have to