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Maina Flintham Hjelde
Edinburgh University

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  • Maina is the features editor for the Edinburgh University Tab. This means she oversees everything that isn't news from guides to opinion pieces. As well as contributing her own articles to The Tab, Maina edits a wide variety of feature articles from the writers and prepares a list of pitches…
  • Maina's area of expertise is in opinion pieces as she feels passionately about giving students a voice in all things from current events to their favourite coffee shops
  • In her spare time, Maina enjoys reading and exercising her creativity in several ways from drawing to creative writing. She also loves travelling the world and is passionate about learning about different cultures and ways of life


Maina joined the Edinburgh Tab as a writer in her third year at university and contributed regularly with articles. As well as publishing a weekly clubbers of the wee article, Maina also helped kickstart What are you Wearing Wednesdays on The Tab Edinburgh instagram. Maina became the features editor in her fourth year at university and now comes up with pitches and ideas for other writers as well as editing their work


Maina attended school in North London and is in her final year at Edinburgh University finishing her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies and English Literature


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