Those grim big bottles of cider will be priced at £11.99 by law in Scotland from May 1st

Our condolences to all the 2 litre boys out there

Free Greggs giveaway at Silk Thursdays this week

‘From sausage rolls to donuts n the odd cheeky pie thrown in the mix’

Here’s what you can do to help your friend struggling with depression

According to a trained psychotherapist


There were fewer than TEN people occupying the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre this weekend

So much for solidarity

Here’s everything that went down at Peter Mathieson’s McEwan Hall Q&A

From what went wrong in Hong Kong, to his pay package and of course, the strikes and occupation

‘Outrageous’ Paddy’s Day loo queues at The Three Sisters inspire Edi student to start a campaign for more female toilets

When you gotta go… #loos4ladies

A 22-year-old Deliveroo cyclist was seriously assaulted in the Meadows

He was cycling down Middle Meadows Walk

A major power cut at Salisbury Court last night nearly sent freshers to hotels

Unite Students provided a midnight Domino’s feast tho

Edinburgh exams may be affected by further strikes as UCU discuss what action to take next

Marking may be boycotted

Edinburgh staff keen to minimise impact on students as second wave of strikes imminent

Boycott of open days was mooted

BREAKING: Edinburgh UCU members set to reject a proposed agreement to end strike action

Exams may well be affected

George Square Lecture Theatre has been occupied by a group of students in support of the strikes

The doors were barred shut by students at 9am today

Eleri Connick is elected new EUSA President

She won at a tense election result event

There will be no Big Cheese tomorrow because of the ‘Beast from the East’

Totally fair tbh

Women were not allowed inside Teviot until way more recently than you’d think

That’s pretty bad

The snow may have brought the entire city of Edinburgh to a standstill today, but Hive is keeping its doors open

The sesh stops for no (snow)man

Edinburgh Uni to CLOSE at 1pm due to severe weather warning


Edinburgh just got its first ever RED ALERT from the Met Office for extreme snow

It’s a big coat day folks

I flew to Milan to buy 800 cigarettes to prove it’s still cheaper than buying them in the UK

He even has a spreadsheet showing his savings

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