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‘Joy to the skaters of Bristo Squircle’: The Scandi Bar is finally being demolished

One student told us: ‘I could not be happier that that abomination will be gone’

The Scottish Government is giving £20 million to students struggling over the summer

This takes takes the total financial support given to students to more than £96 million

Investigated lecturer Neil Thin cleared of wrongdoing but Anthropology students aren’t happy

‘This procedure damaged his reputation and so it should have’

EUSA calls for a 30 per cent tuition fee cut due to Covid-19 pandemic disruption to teaching

‘Students should not bear the burden for the financial impact of the pandemic’

PSA: Edinburgh Uni is reviewing its decision to cancel in-person graduations

The Scottish Government will be allowing gatherings of 2,000 outside by the end of June

You can now register for a Covid-19 vaccine if you’re aged 18-29 and live in Scotland

The NHS estimate it will only be a ‘few weeks’ until you can book your vaccine

After exposing my abuser I was charged with harassment by Edinburgh University

The University of Edinburgh ‘does not comment on individual cases of misconduct’

Edinburgh University lectures expected to still be online next year

‘At this point, we expect that all large lectures/classes will need to be delivered digitally’