Laura Morrison

Laura Morrison
Edinburgh University


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Edinburgh Uni is offering free regular Covid tests to all students

Students in Edi can book a free test twice a week

GBBO winner Peter to bake a cupcake for every Edi student to make up for a year of online learning

You had me at cake

VOTE: What’s the ugliest building on Edi’s campus?

It’s a toss up between Appleton and the main lib for me

Edi Uni ranked third in the world for Veterinary Science in QS rankings

Edi was also ranked fifth in the world for Linguistics

Edi students have started a petition to overturn the decision to cancel in-person graduation

They are asking that students have a choice between virtual and in-person ceremonies

Nicola Sturgeon extends Scottish lockdown until at least the end of February

The measures to ease lockdown in March will be reviewed in two weeks time

BREAKING: Edinburgh Uni cancels all in person graduation ceremonies this year

This affects both summer and winter graduations in 2021

Edi Uni teaching will be online until the end of the semester

“There is not enough time to make a return to on-campus teaching for undergraduate students practical”

Edi accommodation forces students to present doctors note to leave halls during pandemic

Students cannot end their tenancy early without it

Pints ban and takeaway restrictions: What the six new Scottish lockdown rules mean

Say goodbye to your takeaway pints

Teaching will be online until at least end of February says Nicola Surgeon and uni email

Despite 55 per cent of Edi students saying they’ll be back next week in a poll

An Edi student has started a petition for a no detriment policy for fourth years

‘We are still expected to perform as if the world isn’t falling apart around us’

Quiz: How well do you remember the Friends Christmas episodes?

The holiday armadillo lives in my head rent free

Edi student gets ‘Boris Johnson’ tattooed on her bum to raise money for NHS

She’s raised over £1,500 for NHS Charities Together

‘How can I feel safe on campus?’: Edi student is assaulted outside library in racist attack

He reported the incident to the police on Friday night

Quiz: Can you guess the Friends season just from one picture?

Ross’s hairstyles are a massive clue

Edi students have started a petition to get a uni building named after Peter from Bake Off

How could you not sign this?

Scotland has become the first country in the world to offer free period products for all

The new law was unanimously passed

Ryanair to resume flights from Edi to London to help students get home for Christmas

They’re reviving the route from December to January

Covid tests will be given on campus before students go home for Christmas

They’re expected to be available from 30th November

Students in Scotland will be offered Covid tests before they go home for Christmas

Almost 80,000 students will be heading home

Edinburgh is to remain in Level 3 coronavirus restrictions confirms Nicola Sturgeon

Edinburgh is being “watched closely”

Missing the slopes? Edi Uni ski trip is happening and it’s in April 2021

It is subject to coronavirus restrictions

Restaurants are open and no alcohol served: What to expect now that Edi is in Level 3

Most of the central belt is now in Level 3

Feeling spooky? Here’s everything you can still do in Edi this Halloween

Boo Felicia

Pubs and restaurants to remain shut for another week Nicola confirms

Until the new system begins on 2nd November

Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s ECFS

The theme for 2021 is distortion

‘It’s ridiculous’: Edi students are still waiting on their promised £50 voucher from Uni

It was promised 12 days ago

Nicola Sturgeon announces pubs and restaurants in Central Scotland to shut for 16 days

This applies to all licensed premises in the central belt

Nicola Sturgeon says ‘no national lockdown’ will be announced tomorrow

Further decisions on restrictions have not yet been reached

Ewing students in Pollock Halls all required to self-isolate

All food is being delivered to their doors

Usher Hall to open as COVID-19 testing centre

It’s due to open imminently

‘It’s just so classic’: Learn goes down on the first day back to uni

Someone’s getting the sack this morning, surely

‘My eyes are bleeding’: Edi students react to two storey pop up cafe on Bristo square

71 per cent of students think it’s an eyesore

Quiz: Time to find out which obscure Friends character you really are

As long as I’m not Gunther

Only a true Friends super fan can get 23/25 on this extremely hard trivia quiz

Could you BE any more of a fan?

Remember the library pin? The Appleton pin is here and 2020 has been saved

I’ve been waiting for this one, turn it up!

This quiz will determine which Edinburgh accommodation you should have really lived in

Fingers crossed it’s not Pollock

Tennent’s are giving away FREE pints in Edinburgh pubs to celebrate the reopening

Time to crack open a cold one

The students have spoken: it’s time to crown our Edi BNOC WINNER 2020

Let’s crack open a Tennent’s to celebrate

Thousands attend Black Lives Matter protests in Edinburgh yesterday

Lewis Capaldi joined the protesters in Holyrood Park

Edinburgh Uni releases statement in response to student outrage promising to tackle racism

“We hear you, and will continue to listen”

Edi Uni Prof says that it’s ‘unrealistic’ for students restricted by lockdown to not have sex

Long term couples should be allowed to be intimate

You can now buy a Uni of Edi signet ring and I’ve never seen anything more Edinburgh in my life

Give me strength

69 lyrics from your favourite childhood songs that you didn’t know were wildly inappropriate

Why were these played at my year six disco?!

Compare: Is your uni letting students defer a year to avoid online teaching?

Just really don’t fancy Zoom lectures

A deep dive into the archives of Zara’s most ridiculous model poses

And boy are they wild

Before you bake another banana bread, vote for Edi BNOC round 3

It’s come to its climax!

Craving the sweet sights of Edinburgh landmarks? You can now go on a virtual tour of the castle

Soak up that cultural bread

‘Students should not be burdened with the cost of COVID-19’ EUSA tells Edinburgh Uni

EUSA presidents have sent a letter of support to all students

Lockdown? More like BNOC crown! Here’s round one of the nominations

Let the voting begin!

EUSA slams ‘clearly racist’ Edifess post saying PakSoc ‘marry their cousins’

EUSA is calling for the post to be removed immediately

SU slams ‘clearly racist’ confessions post saying Pakistani Soc ‘marry their cousins’

EUSA is calling for the post to be removed immediately

Nominations for Edinburgh BNOC of the year 2020 are now open!

Rejoice, the highly esteemed award is BACK

Breaking: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 has been cancelled

This comes in response to the COVID-19 outbreak

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 has been cancelled

This comes in response to the COVID-19 outbreak

Tesco limited oat milk cartons to 5 per person after deeming it ‘essential’


Edi is the best uni in the UK for Linguistics according to new rankings

Step aside Oxford and Cambridge

An informatics student has started a campaign to ‘liberate’ Appleton Tower

‘They can’t stop us all’

Hating snow is not a substitute for a personality, try having some fun


ABBA club nights are the worst and we need to stop pretending otherwise

It’s a big fat Fernand-NO

Here’s the revealing truth of what your bedroom plant says about you

Best be-leaf it

What does your seat in the library say about you as a person?

Live laugh love the fourth floor

The longer you spend in the library, the less productive you are

Get in, get out

You can now buy a library pin as a memento of the hours you spent there

That’s going straight in my basket

An extensive list of the very best neon signs in Edinburgh, ranked

Light it up

There’s a clown scaring students at uni to convince you to go to WhyNot tomorrow

Boo Felicia

‘Thanks for bringing our bevy home’: EUSA returns Tennent’s to Teviot

I’ll drink to that

Here are five unreal things to expect from a night out at Rascals

Brush up on your Drake

How to welcome the cold and embrace winter after your hot girl summer

Hot girl winter is upon us

The best day of the year is near, so let’s see what your chosen pancake topping says about you

The best day of the year is here

Calling time on Urban Outfitters: The most overrated shop ever

Nothing is worth the price

It’s time to admit it: Chain coffee shops are better than independent coffee shops

Starbucks and Costa FTW

Let’s relive the magic with a breakdown of all the people you’re bound to have met on the Edinburgh ski trip

Do you even ski, bro?

A definitive list of what not to buy someone for Christmas

Stop buying Lush bath bombs

How to spend an evening out in Edinburgh without heading to a club

There’s more to life than Hive

All the reasons why people who type in lectures are the worst people in the world

Don’t sit next to me