2020 may have been the worst, but here are 17 amazing things that happened this year

Harry Styles and Paul Mescal literally saved 2020

2020 has been overshadowed by a pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing, and the cancellations of everyone’s plans for this year. Whilst 2020 has been one of the worst (if not the worst) years, there were also a lot of incredibly good things to happen in 2020 as well.

The year began with Love Is Blind and that scene where Jessica gave her dog some wine and is ending with a coronavirus vaccine and hopes that the world is going (somewhat) back to normal.

Here are some of the good things to happen in 2020:

Kamala Harris became the first woman, first Black-American, and first Indian-American Vice President-elect

Whilst Joe Biden became the President-elect, it was Kamala Harris who made history in America. She also gave us this amazing video:

Which led to loads of TikToks like this:

Normal People gave us Connell’s chain

Not only did Normal People give us something to binge-watch during the first lockdown, it also gave us Connell’s chain.

Someone took our obsession with Connell to the next level by making an Instagram account for the chain Connell wears in Normal People.

Paul Mescal was really the gift that kept on giving, because then there were those pics of him in the shorts, holding some tinnies.

Harvey Weinstein was jailed for 23 years

In March, Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault. This followed the #MeToo movement as women began to expose their abusers.

Following his sentence, Harvey Weinstein tested positive for coronavirus in prison.

We got to watch Christine’s glamorous wedding on Selling Sunset

good things to happen in 2020

Via @thechristinequinn on Instagram

Like Normal People, another show everyone loved earlier this year was Selling Sunset. The highlight of the whole series was probably Christine’s completely over-the-top wedding and her iconic black wedding dress.

Scotland became the first country to offer free period products for all

Yet another good thing to happen and a massive win for us all in 2020! Local authorities in Scotland are now legally required to ensure that free sanitary products such as tampons and pads are available to those who need them.

We got to watch chaotic queen Jessica in Love Is Blind

good things to happen in 2020

Love Is Blind was actually released in 2020 when life was normal and our biggest concern was Mark and Jessica’s 10-year age difference.

There was also the part where Jessica fed her dog some wine, Jessica was bringing the chaotic energy to 2020 really.

We all finally learned the correct way to eat duck pancakes

TikToker Sabrine Corrin shared a new way of eating duck pancakes which made her go viral. Who knew we were all eating duck pancakes wrong?

Student rent strikers won massive rent reductions

Thousands of freshers across the country took part in rent strikes.

At the beginning of the last term around 215 University of Manchester freshers withheld over £300k in a halls rent strike. They cited issues such as a lack of university support and issues with online learning.

A few weeks ago, the Manchester rent strikers won a 30 per cent reduction on semester one’s rent for all students living in halls. Bristol has also decided to give students in halls a 30 per cent rebate for seven weeks, to compensate for government-mandated staggered return to campus.

People on TikTok have made a Ratatouille musical, and it’s actually quite good

Quarantine saw TikTok become everyone’s favourite app and it seems we have moved past just learning dances, people are now making a whole musical based on Ratatouille.

There have been submissions for choreography and songs and people have even auditioned for parts in the musical.

So many more gay and bisexual men can now give blood

Blood donation rules for gay and bisexual men were relaxed this month: Males who have sex with one man in a long term relationship of three months or more can now donate blood.

Previously all men had to abstain from having sex with other men for three months before donating blood. Donors will no longer be asked to declare if they have had sex with another man.

Carole Baskin gave us her cat-themed dances on Dancing with the Stars

In the three weeks that Carole Baskin was on Dancing with the Stars, all her dances were cat related.

She danced to Eye of the Tiger and wore full tiger print when she performed to Eye of the Tiger. On her last week, she danced to Circle of Life from The Lion King.

Number 7 stole all our hearts

A TikTok of a group of American football players dancing around in a locker room to Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston were viral. It went viral mainly for one reason – number 7.

Number 7, Caden Woodhall, has now created his own TikTok account where he has 2.1 million followers.

Harry Styles ended up in a fan’s house but she wasn’t even home

Harry Styles had some car trouble and ended up being offered help by a fan’s dad who asked him to come in for a cup of tea. Theadora, perhaps the unluckiest person ever, wasn’t even at home when this happened and instead had to be sent pictures by her dad of Harry feeding her fish. However, he did leave her a note.

We found out Chrishell from Selling Sunset was named after a petrol station

Chrishell‘s mum went into labour at a Shell petrol station and a member of staff who helped her was called Chris. Chrishell’s mum decided to name her after Chris and Shell.

Ollie Locke from MiC got married in the Natural History Museum

good things to happen in 2020

Via @e4chelsea on Instagram

Yes, THE Natural History Museum in London.

He even married someone with the same surname as him, so he is now Ollie Locke-Locke (seriously, he’s changed his name on Instagram), clearly, it was meant to be.

Harry Styles blessed us with three music videos

The music videos for Adore You, Watermelon Sugar, and Golden were all released in 2020. Harry Styles single-handedly saved our 2020.

And finally, a coronavirus vaccine was approved for use in the UK and gave us all hope for 2021

Of all good things to happen in 2020, this was arguably the best for us all. The UK was the first country in the world to approve a coronavirus vaccine and both Canada and America have since also approved the vaccine.

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