Fiat 500 Twitter and Football Twitter have got into a war over a Molly-Mae Insta post

And Molly-Mae Hague herself responded to it

Two households both alike in dignity, in fair Twitter where we lay our scene, have just become embroiled in a civil war over a Molly-Mae Hague Instagram giveaway. And honestly, this is peak 2020.

The two factions of Twitter, usually equal and peaceful in their interactions (largely because they are natural soulmates), have been sparring over the fact that “all girls” seem to be sharing this Molly-Mae Instagram giveaway on their Instagram stories.

Essentially, what’s happened is that Molly-Mae has posted a PHAT giveaway on her Instagram (we’re talking Louis Vuitton, Apple products) worth eight grand, and everyone’s sharing it because – as the rules of the giveaway state – you have to share it on your IG story in order to enter the competition.

Just as Fiat 500 Twitter has a natural predisposition towards reposting these giveaways, Football Twitter has a natural predisposition towards hating them. The giveaway, which has spread far and wide, has prompted classic tweets from the Football Twitter crowd such as “£5 to any lass who’s not put the Molly-Mae giveaway thing on their Instagram story” and “Think Molly-Mae might be doing a giveaway on Insta, could be wrong though.”

But Football Twitter was wrong to think that Fiat 500 Twitter would not fight back, especially after they disrespected their natural ruler and queen of the Fiat 500 hive: Molly-Mae Hague.

And so Fiat 500 Twitter clapped back, which tweets such as: “All the men tweeting and getting annoyed about Molly-Mae’s giving away like bruh she’s living rent-free in your head, just keep giving her free promo, go on.”

They even wagered their biggest leverage: threatening to cut off Football Twitter’s unfettered access to fit Fiat 500 girls dm’s. If they lose their natural alliance, Football Twitter lads may never shag again.

However, some woke alpha kings of the Football Twitter crowd have emerged, supporting the giveaway. These men are far stronger and more progressive than their peers.

To top it all off, the civil unrest was commented on by none other than Molly-Mae Hague herself – who picked a side instantly. Obviously, as the heir to the Fiat 500 Twitter fortune, she sided with her girls.

Just when it looked like the war was raging on, with Football Twitter fueled by the fire of Molly-Mae beating them at their own game, a new contender appeared. The war was won with a tweet from a side no one could expect, but everyone respects: Aldi.

You can’t argue with Aldi. 1 nil to Fiat 500 Twitter. Sorry boys, try again next time.

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