Only the third lobster could get full marks in this niche Love Actually trivia quiz

I’m not lying to you, it’s hard

Watching Love Actually multiple (10) times a year for over a decade gives you a certain kind of insane memory and niche knowledge that can only be described as obsessive.

If you are anything like me, you are far from the days where, perhaps two watches in, you would chuckle at the Rowan Atkinson scene or quote Colin Frissle. Now, the thing that makes you laugh most is the little octopus saying “we’re here” or Hugh Grant straining with the phrase “wwwoooould we call her chubby?” when talking to his assistant about Natalie. Your Love Actually knowledge becomes so niche that you could never say the phrase “I look rather pretty” earnestly. And really, nothing makes you cry more than just the passing thought of Emma Thompson wiping away tears with the underside of her hand and making the bed to Joni Mitchell.

Much like God, you are omniscient (but just with Love Actually). But are you the top of the pops? The Creme de La Creme? The head honcho? The Godfather? The third lobster? Do you know genuinely more than ANYONE else about Love Actually? Only taking this quiz will tell you. So go ahead.

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