How to do that dominant element personality test everyone’s doing on Twitter

I got Earth and I don’t think that’s a good thing x

If you’ve been scratching the hairs on your chinny chin chin trying to figure out why everyone is posting a strange elements personality test pie chart on Twitter recently, I’m here to help.

The pie chart of element results represents an elements personality test which shows you which element is the most dominant for you. It’s largely based on astrology and some moon sign heebie jeebies, but it’s fun and cute and I WANNA KNOW.

Anyway, you’ll need to know your birthday, place of birth and birth time (roughly) and then you can get started. The test will tell you, based on this, which element is the strongest in your personality. I got Earth because I’m a Capricorn (Earth sign duhhh) and then air, then fire. No water, which apparently means I am a horrible shallow person. Great x

Generally, the elements exude the vibes you would expect. Fire represents spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, and passion. Water is feelings, senses, emotions and moods. Earth is stability, grounding and purpose. And finally air is knowledge, curiosity and initiative. If for some reason you end up with equal parts of all four like in that YA novel Divergent that I try to forget about everyday but just can’t, this means you are the last airbender. Or the zodiac killer. Something like that.

Anyway, the site to calculate your element personality test results is called and you can find it here.

Once you get your results it’s customary to post them on Twitter without any explanation or link so that people can struggle for hours to track down what it means, and yes I am speaking from personal experience.

Good luck and I hope you’re not as dry and dusty as my waterless self!

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