Police Scotland had to break up over 400 house parties on first weekend of term

One party had over 50 students on the premises

Police Scotland attended 405 house parties in Scotland just within the first weekend of term, with parties of up 30 and 50 students being dispersed and party-goers arrested for becoming hostile towards police.

Data gathered as part of Operation TALLA, Police Scotland’s response to COVID-19, obtained by BBC Scotland showed the number of house parties attended by officers on the weekend of 11th-13th October, when students were returning back to their uni cities.

On Thursday 10th September a student party in Edinburgh with 50 people in attendance was broken up by police. Police Scotland then gave the occupiers a “warning re culpable and reckless conduct”.

The following day, on Friday 11th September, two separate student parties of 20 and 30 people were broken up by police in Dundee. Both groups of students “dispersed upon being asked”. That same night two parties of 10 and 30 students in Edinburgh were also dispersed.

The Police Scotland report also shows that officers in Glasgow attended 33 separate house parties over the weekend. At one party, a male party guest spat at police officers upon their arrival and was subsequently arrested.

Police officers in Edinburgh attended 13 house parties over the weekend, including “one large out of control party” of 30 people on Saturday 12th September which allegedly became “hostile”. The report states that several were arrested for police assault and the homeowner was charged with breaching COVID legislation.

The total amount of house parties attended by police increased by 14 from 391 the weekend before.

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