Here are some fun ways to socialise with your mates in this crazy new world

Can I get an amen for Houseparty and Club Penguin

It’s pretty clear this whole isolation/staying-inside thing is going to go on for at least a couple more months. It’s not even been two weeks and you’re already bored of calling the same three mates every night and having nothing to say. Dont worry, there are actually so many different, fun ways you can chat and socialise with your mates online, here’s a list of all the best ones:


Houseparty was big about five years ago and then died a very quick death. But it’s back and it’s arguably bigger than it’s ever been. As well as video calling a bunch of mates, it also has games. You can play Quick Draw, Trivia and Heads Up together whilst on the call – that’s at least three hours of fun.

Netflix Party

Netflix swoops in and saves the day again for us all in isolation. Netflix Party is a Google extension you can download which lets you watch any Netflix show or film at the same time as your mates. It also adds a group chat on the side so you can discuss what’s going on – as if you’re all in the same room, like the good old days.

Virtual pub quiz

If you haven’t done a virtual pub quiz yet then get to it, my dudes. There are loads of pub quizzes on Facebook that are hard and have thousands of people involved if you’re looking for some professionalism and atmosphere. If not, get a group of mates on a video call, get some beers and do one of your own.

Watching celebs go live while on FaceTime

Celebs go live on Instagram all the time and often it’s very tedious and boring, but if you and your mates are keen followers of someone then video calling while they go live is good fun. You can chat about what they’re saying or doing – whether you find it funny or you’re just rinsing it completely.

Isolation Cribs

A good one to do with workmates or uni mates who probably haven’t seen your house. This is a great time waster because you can spend the first half of the day cleaning your house and making it look good, and the second half showing your mates round each different room.

Maybe add some fun theme music in the background and don’t forget to say “Now this room… this is where the magic happens” when you get to your bedroom.


An activity that was definitely invented by mums years ago but has been adopted by everyone during this time of need. Get some wine (or an alcoholic drink of preference), get on FaceTime with some mates and start your FaceWine session. It’s literally just sitting alone in your room, getting drunk on the phone but the special name makes its acceptable.

Club Penguin

Isolation has sent us all back to about 10 years ago – Club Penguin is back baby and it’s time to get into it. Obviously, you can do Club Penguin online and play with your mates, but you can also add an extra level of fun by video calling your mates while you all play. It’s so lame that it’s cool.

Sims while FaceTiming

Get the same cheats together, build giant houses, help each other with parenting advice or baby names. It’ll be fun, trust me!

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