Let me tell you why Houseparty is way better than FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangout

It’s like going ‘out out’ but without going out

Houseparty is a social networking app which allows large groups of people to video call each other at one time. It is the app of all apps. It is the crème de la crème of group video calls. It is our saviour from the solitude of quarantine.

It literally mimics a house party: friends can start up different chats in different rooms and which you can jump between. Unless the room is locked, then you cannot enter without an invite.  Thanks to the spontaneous gatherings on your phone, staying inside has been made slightly more bearable. Downloading Houseparty means you can make up for missed social life you once had.

And look, there are loads of other video apps out there, some of which allow you way more people in a single chat, or have the shiny Google seal of approval. But none of that matters, because Houeparty is undeniably the best video call app on the market and I’m going to prove it to you.

It’s way better than FaceTime

Houseparty is the mother of all video call apps, it is perfect for anyone who needs a little bit of social interaction, which is everyone right now.

In all fairness to Apple, Facetime has tried to up their game with group calls but it’s just not enough. ‘Zoom’ is another video chat app which is growing in popularity for office workers confined to their houses during the pandemic, but Houseparty is growing at a quicker rate.

On Houseparty, when you call people who are online, the call goes straight through so people cannot decline you – it’s perfect for those who need immediate social interaction.  It is the closest experience you’ll get to having a party during this lockdown period.

You can play all sorts of fun games

What really makes this app stand out is the collection of games you can play during calls. Some which include Heads Up, Quick Draw and Trivia and you can play with up to eight people at a time.

Grab a drink, some snacks and your friends and voilà, your own virtual games night.

You can have a happy hour once a day

The weather in the UK right now is glorious, the sun is shining through and it is the perfect pub garden weather. Alas, we are in lockdown so if we want to booze, we have to be inventive.

Pour yourself a drink, soak up the sun in the garden and live your best lockdown life, baby.

When you’re in lockdown, every hour is happy hour.

Up to eight people can be on the same call

Firstly, you’re lying if you have more than eight friends. Secondly, who needs more than eight people on a call, anyway? It is the perfect numbered limit for any social interaction.

Also, you are able to call one person and then they can add up to six other people which really adds to the whole real-life house party vibe. You can also link Houseparty to other social media apps like Snapchat and Facebook so finding contacts is a lot easier.

Anyone can jump in and out of rooms

The different ‘rooms’ are the different calls people are on, and it reflects the same layout of a house party and the different rooms in a house. Unless the room is locked or you don’t have a friend in that room, then you can literally join straight away with no warning to those already on the call. It is perfect for those who enjoy the element of surprise, spice up your life in quarantine a bit.

Unless the room is locked then you don’t need an invite to this Houseparty!

You can dress however you want

Everyone is in the same situation, lockdown. No one cares how they look, everyone is in their own natural state and it’s great. Social media’s desire for everyone to look their best is far from what people look like when using Houseparty.

As long as you’re vibing, then no one cares what you look like – au natruel is the Houseparty new glam.

You can also send ‘Facemail’

If you don’t fancy joining a room or don’t have the time to go on a call, then you can leave ‘Facemails’ for friends. A ‘Facemail’ is essentially a video that plays for them next time they open up the app- it’s a voicemail but with your face. Houseparty passes the 21st-century vibe check with flying colours.

Houseparty came around in 2016, but it’s only just starting to take centre stage with making the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown a little bit more bearable.

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