What is the coronavirus 5G conspiracy? The dumb theory circulating the internet rn

Keri Hilson is pushing it on Twitter lol

With all pandemics and global crises, come the crazy conspiracy theories. As the panic around coronavirus increases, so do the theories of how it came about – these include the belief that it was created by Greta Thurnberg to save the planet, that it’s a big money-making scheme created by hand sanitizer manufacturers, or that Netflix made it and is using it as promotion for their new docuseries. All equally as hilarious and outrageous as each other, however, none of them quite match up to the 5G coronavirus conspiracy.

The 5G conspiracy is probably the one most people have vaguely heard of or seen on their Twitter but not many people actually know how far this conspiracy goes. Whoever made this shit up made a convincing case because more and more people are falling for it, including Keri Hilson (who sung the 2009 classic, ‘When Love Knocks You Down’ with Kanye West and Ne-Yo).

Keri Hilson is trending on Twitter because she too is completely convinced by the COVID-19 conspiracy and is urging everyone to OPEN THEIR EYES and “turn off 5G”.

What is the coronavirus 5G conspiracy?

This conspiracy all started when EE, the mobile network, switched on the first 5G towers around the world. The upgrade promised faster internet, however, a lot of conspiracy theorists are convinced these towers will be the end of us. There are a few theories going around to do with these towers.

One of the 5G theories is that the towers are a cover-up for depopulation. This argument states that these towers have created and spread the coronavirus. The proof behind this is that China was the first to have 100,000 5G towers and this is why the Wuhan popular was the first to be affected. The theory goes even further to suggest Bill Gates is behind it and that he plans to create a fake vaccine and use it to put chips in everyone. These chips will be linked to a button that can kill anyone within an instance.

The other theory, that Keri Hilson shared on her Twitter today, was that the 5G towers are producing huge amounts of radiation and this radiation lead to coronavirus. Believers of this theory say that it’s proven by the fact China launched its 5G national network (apparently the world’s largest) on the 1st November and soon after coronavirus broke out in Wuhan.

Hilariously, this theory also involves Bill Gates – why is everyone so convinced he’s trying to destroy the world? In one of the screenshots Keri Hilson shared, it states Bill Gates warned us this was going to happen: “In a 2019 Netflix documentary, Bill Gates warned against a global pandemic that would potentially originate in China”.

Is there actually a link between 5G and coronavirus?

If Keri Hilson and so much of social media are convinced by this theory, is there any truth in it? The answer is no.

There are various articles and blogs online that dispute this 5G theory because there is zero scientific evidence to back any of it up.

One piece wrote, “There is no evidence that 5G is harmful to humans. 5G is the next generation of wireless network technology, following on from 4G. Like 4G, 3G and 2G before it, 5G mobile data is transmitted over radio waves—a small part of the whole electromagnetic spectrum (which includes microwaves, visible light and X-rays). These radio waves are non-ionising, meaning they don’t damage the DNA inside cells.”

They continued: “Public Health England has said that there’s no ‘convincing evidence’ that exposure below the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation guidelines can cause adverse health effects. These guidelines go up to 300GHz, whereas the maximum for 5G will probably only be in the tens of GHz.”

The theory is further disproven because the Google search screenshot of the side effects of 5G “is not from an official source”. And regardless, the side effects that are shown aren’t even symptoms of coronavirus. All in all, it sounds like a load of baloney.

Moral of the story – stop worrying about turning off our 5G and focus on washing your hands.

The best reaction to the coronavirus 5G cover-up

Keri Hilson was one of the gullible ones and it’s supplied Twitter with a lot of entertainment today. These are the best reactions people have had to her tweet and the 5G conspiracy.

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