These are all the dumb af coronavirus conspiracy theories, created by idiots

It’s actually a huge cover up to get us all chipped

As coronavirus goes viral, so too does the many wild conspiracy theories as to why the virus has occurred.

Twitter is having a field day inventing and spreading a number of messed up and down right stupid reasons to why the world is in a current state of pandemic.

Some of them are just funny, like school students spreading it to get hand soap and others are pretty frightening, like the theory coronavirus is a way for us all to get chipped so the government can track us. Scary stuff.

None of these theories have any actual evidence backing them up so don’t panic when reading them from quarantine.

Here are all the dumbest coronavirus conspiracy theories:

It’s a cover up for 5G and we’ll all be chipped

Ok, so this one is pretty wild. A Facebook user claimed the virus is a coverup for all the 5G towers that are being put up around the world. They said that China was the first to have 100,000 5G towers and the Wuhan population was the first to be affected.

They claimed this 5G plan was organised years ago as a way to depopulate the Earth.

It then gets even madder when they suggest Bill Gates is behind it and wants to use the vaccine as a way to put chips in everyone to monitor them and be able to decide when to kill people with the push of a button.

The virus was predicted years ago

Even Kim Kardashian is getting in on the conspiracy theories. Last night she tweeted a page from a book by a psychic who predicted the outbreak in 2008.

In the book passage by Sylvia Brown she writes a 2020 pneumonia like illness will spread across the world. Her prediction also stated the illness will go as quickly as it came, but come back 10 years later.

She said: “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again 10 years later and then disappear completely.”

It was caused by Greta Thunberg to help with climate change

Imagine believing this? There’s been a lot of tweets that suggest Greta is behind coronavirus as a way to cut down on travel, therefore cutting emissions and hopefully helping save the planet.

And a few people have pointed out that coronavirus has actually been good for the planet because of the reduced travel rates.

It’s a big marketing scheme by all the hand sanitiser companies

With all the governments pushing us to better hygiene by washing our hands more and using sanitiser, the soap and sanitiser companies are racking up the dollar. Everywhere is selling out and a few Twitter users are suggesting the coronavirus is just a marketing ploy for all these companies to make money.

It was biologically engineered to be a weapon

One Twitter user has suggested the virus has been created as a bioweapon because of its makeup. They said India announced coronavirus had four protein inserts from the HIV disease which is apparently a sign of engineering. Leading them to believe coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon.

Students were pissed off with not having hand soap

This is ridiculous but funny and hopefully a joke. Someone on Twitter tweeted coronavirus had started because students were sick of not having hand soap, so created the virus to ensure a steady stream of soap. And tbf at least public spaces have plentiful supplies of soap.

It was created by Netflix as promo for their docuseries

Netflix suspiciously released their docuseries Pandemic about how to prevent an outbreak at the exact same time coronavirus went big. Rather convenient timing. Some people on Twitter are suggesting Netflix released coronavirus as a an advertising campaign for the series.

The 40 degree latitude theory

One theory that is circulating that could have an element of truth is that all the worse affected areas by coronavirus are on the 40 degree latitude of the Earth.

Wuhan, Italy, South Korea, New York and more are the worst affected and are all on the same latitude. This could be purely an atmospheric thing but lots of people are saying it’s a spooky coincidence.

The virus came from space

I actually quite love this coronavirus conspiracy theory. In October 2019, a meteorite exploded in the sky over North Eastern China. A number of theorists have concluded that meteorite must have brought the virus down from space.

It’s the universe taking revenge on boomers

Wow, ok, so this is pretty messed up. Someone on Twitter suggested the coronavirus was the universe getting its own back on boomers for creating global warming.

It was invented so people wouldn’t get laid

Obvs this is a joke but someone said they thought their ex had created coronavirus as a way to get revenge and stop them from getting laid.

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