Quiz: Tell us how you play The Sims and we’ll tell you how much of a psychopath you are

10 points for leaving your Sims in the pool without a ladder

All anyone is doing in isolation right now is playing The Sims 24/7 and the way you play The Sims, says a LOT about you, most importantly how much of a psychopath are you and we’ve designed a quiz to find out you sickos.


The Sims 4 went on sale last week for £11.24, so we now have something to fill our endless days of quarantine. We can reminisce about all the times in our childhood when we would put our sim in a swimming pool, take away the ladder and watch them drown. It really was just wholesome child fun.

There’s a lot of other messed up things we all did as kids to our sims, like making them fall in love with the grim reaper or recreating your crush so you can have loads of sex with them even though you were only 12.

Some of us did these things more regularly than others. For some, the pool drown was an occasional bit of fun in between building their virtual society and for others they just couldn’t get through the day without putting a baby on a BBQ. If that was you, you’re incredibly messed up.

Take this quiz about your fucked up Sims habits and we’ll tell you how much of a psychopath you are:

Download the Sims for £11.24 here. 

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