Quiz: Which Love is Blind couple are you?

If I don’t get Kenny and Kelly, I’m LEAVING

Love is Blind is the newest dating show giving us more trashy entertainment than Love Island ever did. You started it and probably thought “this is all a load of shit and none of these people actually care about each other”. One episode down, now your faith in love has been reignited and you’re completely obsessed with each couple.

Your heart breaks with every new crack in their relationship, and you shed a happy tear with every loving embrace. You put yourself in their shoes, imagine how you would act and guess whether you’d make it to the end. Question is: which couple are you really? Do you have the sexual chemistry of Amber and Barnett, or the emotional depth of Kenny and Kelly?

We’ve told you which girl you would marry and which guy you would marry. Now it’s time to find out which couple you are. Take our quiz to find out.

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