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Quiz: Which Love Is Blind girl would you marry?

If it’s Jessica I will riot

You know what’s wild? The thought of marrying someone you’ve never met. You know what’s even wilder? Watching a whole bunch of people do just that, then meet each other, go on holiday with everyone they just dated, meet each other’s families and plan weddings all in the space of a month. Well that’s exactly what Love Is Blind on Netflix is. And if all this talk of weddings has got you wondering which Love Is Blind girl you would marry – this quiz is about to tell you.

Will you have an intense and turbulent marriage with Jessica and her baby voice? A wholesome and loving marriage with Kelly or Lauren? A warm and fuzzy life with Giannina? Or are you destined to be cringy and a little bit weird with Amber? Find out your future wife below.

Take this Love Is Blind girl quiz to find out who you would marry:

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