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Quiz: Which Love Is Blind guy would you marry?

It can’t be Mark because I’m 34

Love Is Blind is the Netflix dating show we didn’t know we needed until we had it. It’s completely batshit crazy and the biggest load of trash TV you will ever watch but boy, is it good. All I want to know now is: Would any of the guys want to marry me? This Love Is Blind quiz is about to tell you. 

In a nutshell, this show sees a bunch of single people date each other from little pods, and then get engaged without ever seeing each other. They then meet, go away together, meet families, plan their weddings and hopefully tie the knot at the end of it all. So if you’re wondering, which you so obviously are, which Love Is Blind guy is your soulmate – take this quiz to find out. 

Do you want an intense but secure relationship with Cameron? Someone like Damian who will call you beautiful every day? Or do you want to live on the edge with a bad boy like Barnett?

Take this Love Is Blind quiz to find out which guy you would marry:

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