This is how much the Too Hot To Handle cast could be making per Instagram post

If you’re low on money and self-esteem, look away now

All the sexy señoritas from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle have been doing some impressive Instagram growth since the show aired. With every new follower they gain, the more money they’re potentially raking in.

With the help of  an Instagram earnings calculator, we’ve figured out exactly how much money each contestant could be pocketing from posting one picture. It’s eye-watering.

How much the Too Hot To Handle cast are making per Instagram post:

Francesca Farago

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 1.9 million

Earnings per post: Between £2,932.78 – £4,887.96

Top of the earnings list comes Francesca. Before the show aired she was on 300,000 followers and is now on nearly 2 million – she’s grown by nearly a million in the just 24 hours.

Harry Jowsey

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 1.4 million

Earnings per post: Between £2,093.10 – £3,488.50

Francesca’s other half, Harry is also doing very well. All in all Francesca and Harry could be making close to £10k in total for every pic they post, what a life.

Chloe Veitch

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 625,000

Earnings per post: £1,415.25

Before the show Chloe was on a measly 3,000 followers and is now earning a month’s wages in just one pic.

Rhonda Paul

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 514,000

Earnings per post: £1,084

Rhonda had 10,000 followers prior to the show airing, she’s now on over half a milly.

David Birtwistle

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 466,000

Earnings per post: £854.70

David, who went through a romance with most of the girls and finally landed with Lydia is earning decent money for a post. Before the show he had 26,000 followers.

Mathew Smith

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 370,000

Earnings per post: £828.66

Mathew was on America’s Next Top Model back in the day and has a link to his IMDb in his bio which is probs where a lot of these followers came from.

Sharron Townsend

Instagram followers: 335,000

Earnings per post: £750

The other half of Rhonda on the show is Sharron who has over 300k followers and gets £750 per post. He was on 14,000 followers before the show.

Kori Sampson

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 371,000

Earnings per post: £689.87

Kori gets more than Kelz, Haley and Nicole per post even though he has less followers. His engagement rate is higher and he’s a semi-attractive dickhead man which tends to get you far in life.

Nicole O’Brien

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 312,000

Earnings per post: £565.06

Despite not finding a man from the show, Nicole is doing pretty well for herself – earning over £500 her post and starting a long distance romance with Bryce.

Kelz Chidyke

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 272,000

Earnings per post: £483.85

Although Kelz has the same followers as Haley, the calculator says he has a better engagement rate than Haley and so earns around £20 more per post. He started off with only 4,000 followers.

Haley Cure

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 272,000

Earnings per post: £463.32

Haley was the wicked witch of the show and pure entertainment gold. She had just over 10,000 followers and is now close to 300k.

Lydia Chlyma

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 254,000

Earnings per post: £440.09

Lydia calls herself a “TV and Social Media Presenter” in her bio, put that together with her post earnings, she’s probably doing alright.

Bryce Hirschberg

Credit: Instagram

Instagram followers: 130,000

Earnings per post: £287.19

Bryce is on nearly £300 per post even though his feed is repeated pics of him on his boat.

Madison Wyborny

Instagram followers: 103,000

Earnings per post: £281.11

With the least followers out of the whole cast, Madison is on £281 per post which is still very decent and I’m still very jealous.

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