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Quiz: Which girl from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle are you?

A small part of me wants to be Haley???

Netflix’s dating show Too Hot To Handle is a lot. There are stunning people, beautiful scenery, shocking twists and revelations and a whole lot of sexual tension. The girls on the show are all quite different, so you’d be forgiven for not quite knowing which one you relate to the most. So here is a very scientific quiz to help you find out which girl from the Too Hot To Handle cast you are most like.

Are you wild and just here for a good time like Chloe? A sex addict who loves to be in control like Francesca? Do you not give a single shit what everyone thinks like Haley? Or are you more supportive and here for your girls no matter what just like Nicole? Are you meaningful but have a wild streak like Rhonda? Or just a bit of a closed book like Madison? Or are you simply lovely and after your English gentleman like Lydia? This Too Hot To Handle quiz is about to tell you who out of all the girls you relate to the most.

Take this Too Hot To Handle quiz to find out which girl you are:

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