Influencer licked public toilet for a TikTok and labelled it the ‘coronavirus challenge’

All in a desperate attempt to go viral

Instagrammer, Ava Louise, has been slammed on social media for uploading a TikTok video of her licking a public toilet seat and captioning it “Coronavirus Challenge”.

The video shows her crouched in an aeroplane toilet, licking the seat and then pouting back to the camera. The video was posted to her TikTok account which has over 22,000 followers and 313,000 likes, she then posted it on Twitter. The video is captioned, “Please [retweet] this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane”.

Ava has received a lot of hate for the video on social media. Some people have asked that she gets “banned from social media forever”, others have said “she’s always doing something stupid” and they “can’t stand her”.

However, she doesn’t seem phased by the negative response calling it a “social experiment”. She also retweeted one Tweet that backed her video, which said,For everyone hating on @realavalouiise and the people on her timeline you’re just hating cause she’s hot skinny and rich”. 

Since the challenge, she has retweeted loads of people that support her video. She’s also tweeted articles about the story with the caption “I’m global” and “Y’all I’m so funny”.

The video has since been removed from Tik Tok, however, her it remains on Twitter. It currently has over 380,000 views.

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