Sashay over here and find out which queen you are from RuPaul’s All Stars 5

Anyone but Derrick Barry pls

All Stars 5 has been a doozy. Why? You know why! Because the queens are bloody unbelievable (except Derrick Barry. No, I’m joking she’s also been great in her own Britney kinda way). Shea Couleé is all round incredible, Jujubee is the best mate we all want, Miz Cracker is hilarious and Ongina is like the cute friend in the group who’s really short.

With all this talent to chose from, asking yourself “which queen am I?” is a hard question because they’re all so damn good. So instead of that, take this highly scientific 10 question quiz and it’ll do all the answering for you. Whether you’re all caught up and eagerly waiting the finale or you’ve only just started it, you’ll already have your eye on which queen you’re most aligned with. This quiz with either confirm your belief or make you rethink EVERYTHING. Enjoy!

You can watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Five on Netflix now.

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