People sharing their worst interview experiences will put you off applying for a job

“The interviewer called my boyfriend to check I wasn’t lying about my answers”

Someone started a thread on Twitter asking people to share their most embarrassing and cringe-worthy interview experiences. The thread is very long, naturally, because interviews are a breeding ground for awkward moments and just about everyone has a story they’re desperate to get off their chest.

The replies vary from classic fuck ups, like ripping the crotch of your trousers or walking into a glass door and breaking your nose, to completely inappropriate interview questions about whether they own a Rolex or not. It’s a wonderful idea and a cathartic scroll because no matter how shit your past interviews have been, at least the interviewer didn’t call your partner to double-check you weren’t lying about your “describe yourself in three words” answer. Here’s a rundown of the best of the bunch:

At least he was already at the hospital when it happened

This one gets weird real quick

No Rolex, no job

Clumsy people still need jobs !!!

From the POV of the interviewer, this one sucks

A biiiiiig NO

This is like some interview inception shit

This just seems cruel



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