Don’t worry, if we abolish the police these 19 memes know who will solve the crimes

We will be just fine x

In the light of some of the news right now, there are a lot of calls to defund or abolish the police. Obviously this is a really serious subject, but the internet has reacted in the way it always does to current topics of conversation – memes. Reactions and memes all about ditching police funding or to abolish them all together are everywhere.

Everyone is asking “if we abolish police, who will solve the crimes?” or “if we defund the police, who will we replace them with?” And of course, the internet has all the answers and people are sharing memes of exactly who we could put our trust in, and it looks like we’d be just fine.

This clearly isn’t going to actually happen, but we can still laugh at the best examples of people sharing the abolish police memes.


2. And she would do a great job

3. Fair

4. The answer is right in front of our eyes

5. Mystery Inc has solved more crimes than every police force combined

6. Countless possibilities???!

7. Don’t get bitter, get better

8. The best investigator of our time

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9. They’re quite qualified

10. Nobody would leave without being held accountable

11. I honestly think Baudi will crack anything

12. Yep, would back them

13. A clear solution

14. I mean, true

15. The original true crime detectives

16. A literal detective

17. This bunch would turn up everywhere

18. In all seriousness, I trust all five of them with anything

19. Never seen anything more accurate in my whole life

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