These 15 Houseparty memes will make you stop and think about how you’re spending quarantine

Mr Blobby storming into This Morning is me every night

Houseparty is the newest trend since this whole isolation thing began. It’s literally just another FaceTime app but everyone is very passionate about it. Houseparty is different from any other video calling app and because of this, there’s a lot of room for fun but also a lot of room for major embarrassment. For example, you can play games and you can call up to eight people, however, you can also accidentally enter a call with your ex and all their mates that hate you or have a random person join your own call if you forget to “lock the room”.

Everyone’s been talking about the app and tweeting all the best and worst things about it. Here are the funniest Houseparty memes:

Oops hi everyone

I’ve had enough of PLAYING GAMES

This guy knows a bop


I’m back you guys


WOAH… hey

Why am I so popular?


I love my friends

I’m overwhelmed


Everyone needs to chill and back off

Who will entertain me the most?

Who are these people?

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