Let’s relive the chaos of Saturday’s Drag Race episode with these 25 memes

The Nice Girls Roast got nasty

On Saturday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13, we saw the Nice Girls Roast. The roast episode is always nerve-wracking because, like stand up, there’s normally more crickets than laughs. This roast definitely brought the laughs and, with that, came even more awkward silences.

Kandy Muse opened the show with non-stop jokes, Gottmik killed it and Rosé was unsurprisingly hilarious. On the other side of the spectrum, Symone was lost, Olivia Luxe bombed and Utica had none of the funny and all of the mean. It was a rollercoaster of screaming laughter and then pure cringe. It was arguably the funniest and worst roast the show has ever had all in one. It was without a doubt the most entertaining episodes to date.

Here are 25 memes so you can relive it all over again:

1. The mum from Mean Girls watching Jingle Bell Rock = Rosé watching the bottom two lipsync

2. Top two moments of the series

3. Twitter has decided

4. They told her not to do it and she did it

5. That whole ‘I don’t want to be offensive’ went out the window

6. Utica picked the wrong girl

7. Utica: ‘I thought you spoke whale?’

8. In one line, the roast was DONE

9. This show educates

10. She left that roast and still believed she’d done well

11. The shade, the shade of it all

12. So gooooooorrrgeeeee

13. Go on gurl

14. Sssilks, sssatins and sssstunning

15. She wasn’t funny but she was beautiful

16. Especially Rosé

17. Valentina’s butt is the winner of this weeks maxi challenge

18. We love you Olivia but you weren’t funny

19. She’s won it and she knows it

20. Tysm Loni Love

21. Utica knows it’s over

22. Yes she is !!!

23. We miss you and your dance moves

24. Stop Utica STOP

25. Rude but true

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