Can you guess what year these students are in, based on their super cool clothes?

You need to know your fresher’s flares from your third year’s Dickies

Do you ever watch a student walk into a room and think to yourself: “Wow, that’s such a second year fit”. Then you go up to them and start chatting and you were absolutely correct? Same and you’re not alone.

Freshers have a definitive style. A youthful but slightly mislead look that screams: “This is my first time away from home and I’m finally starting to express myself but I’m still not 100 per cent sure this looks good so please don’t laugh at me”. On the other end of the spectrum, third year style shows they have all the confidence of age and experience to make a great look but then pair every outfit with a hood or a hat so they can hide their tired eyes and stress breakouts.

Makes sense right? That’s because it’s science and this quiz will prove it:

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