Experts confirm: No you can’t date, kiss or shag randomers during self-isolation

But I really wanna

For all the single people out there right now, coronavirus has thoroughly destroyed our love life. A lot of you probably had a few dates lined up or maybe even a much-needed shag and you’re wondering if that still counts as social distancing. I’m afraid to tell you, it doesn’t. In fact, health experts strongly advise against it.

We spoke to a professor of infectious diseases to find out the exact advice he would offer to people who are desperate to continue with their dating lives during a pandemic.

He told us: “Social distancing means just that – distancing ourselves from the people around us, ie no dating. It is in place to protect our parents, grandparents and the vulnerable. Unfortunately, ‘real life’ is suspended for everyone. No one can give you facts on safety, all we know is everyone can infect and cause serious harm to the people around them, even if they don’t know they’re sick”.

In terms of kissing and having sex with people, another expert in infectious diseases, Michael Chang, explained, “If you’re engaging in any type of sexual activity, there’s a high probability that saliva is going to get everywhere. Even if COVID-19 is not a classically transmitted sexual infection, there’s certainly a lot of opportunity for it to spread” during a hookup.

All in all dating, sex, kissing is a big no. If you think about it logically, it makes a lot of sense – you go on a date, you don’t know how well this person has been self-isolating or even if they’re being hygienic at all, and then you kiss them. There’s A LOT of room for some risky contamination.

This is sad news for anyone not living with their partner. Looks like our dating and sex lives are on hold for a bit – at least it’s for a good cause and we now have an excuse for not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Don’t get too upset though. There are alternatives to make these upcoming weeks of celibacy a little bit more bearable. For example: sign up to some online dating apps, get yourself a new vibrator (or five!!), order some sexy books, listen to our sex podcast, get onto that person you were meant to shag and have phone sex instead, then have skype sex, order some fit new underwear and wear it during said skype sex, buy another five vibrators. The list goes on.

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