People are using coronavirus opening lines on Tinder, and clearly have no shame

They are awful

Coronavirus is affecting sex lives in a multitude of ways. Some people are getting laid more because they’re self isolating with their partner or some aren’t getting any and investing in a trusty vibrator because of social distancing.

And it turns out a few individuals are using coronavirus as an opening line on Tinder. Yeah really.

From suggesting using hand sanitiser as lube to the very tragic line “you can’t spell quarantine without u and i” there is no limit to the tragic lines, mainly guys, are using as openers and bios on all the dating apps.

Proving once and for all people have no imagination and will even use a virus as a substitute for a personality.

Here are the worst opening lines using coronavirus on Tinder and Hinge:

1.Sneezing isn’t even a symptom??

2. This should be everyone’s standard now tbh

3. Good, cause it’s not funny

4. “I’ll use hand sanitiser as lube”


5. Great thanks

6. Wow, that’s going to be a strong no

7. Please excuse me whilst I go and vomit

via Twitter @LaineyWaynie

8. This line is spreading faster than the virus and it needs to stop

via Twitter @LaineyWaynie

9. That sounds very boring and very unhygienic

via Twitter @MStarkloff

10. I don’t corona and I definitely don’t want to be quarantined with you

via Twitter @idthrowroses

11. You’re going to pay for my wifi? Fair, I’ll take that

via Twitter @ZSoultan03

12. Not wanting to get corona isn’t a personality trait

coronavirus hinge opening lines


13. It can’t be transferred through a phone!!

coronavirus covid-19 tinder opening lines

via Instagram @unhinged

14. Could you not think of any other line

coronavirus opening line tinder

via Twitter @rantsbytom

15. And finally, who made this?

Featured Image Credit: Anna Shvets / Pexels Licence

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